Lazy Sunday

Fun little change of pace from my last post: yay links!!

I am very sunburnt from Cal Poly Open House yesterday, but it was so worth it! I got to talk to a lot of girls about Greek life and tell them how wonderful it is. 🙂

So y’all know how I love Buzzfeed quizzes. And recipes. And just the internet in general, so here is some fun stuff I have clicked on in the last couple of days. Feel free to click away yourself!


“Which Female Superhero are You?”

I got: Wonder Woman. You are a literal goddess, but are deeply invested in humanity. You see the best in people and do your best to be an inspirational figure.

“What Does Your Favorite Donut Say About Your Personality”

I got: Easygoing. Chocolate doughnuts are a great choice, because you know the doughnut shop will always have them in stock. You’re not here to make things difficult. You go with the flow and don’t mind if plans randomly change at the last minute. People feel like they can talk to you about anything, because you’re just there to listen and not try to fix all of their problems.

“Which Disney Channel Original Series do You Belong in?”

I got: That’s So Raven. Oh snap! Would there have been anything better than spending your youth with Raven Baxter?! Doubtful. Being around this straight up hilarious individual who also spoke the truth about important things like body positivity and acceptance would have been a dream. (And you know those ~visions~ would have come in handy.) Plus, you would’ve gotten the added bonus of Eddie and Chelsea, fabulous in their own rights. And don’t forget about giving devotion to the Boyz ‘N Motion. That was your jam, right? Feel free to use this result as a reason to reunite with one of the greatest Disney Channel Original Series of all time, ya little nasty.

“What If Your Pizza Order Determined Your Hogwarts House?”

I got: Gryffindor. You’re bold, exciting, and reliable – just like your pizza. If the Sorting Hat could have a bite, it would definitely put you where you belong.

“Are You a Heather or a Plastic?”

I got: Heather. Everyone either wants you as a friend or as a fuck. You’re worshipped by everyone around you, and you’re only a junior. You better motor if you want to get to your next social event on time!


Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Banana Donut

I think the name itself is pretty self-explanatory. Like, could you say no to this? I must bake immediately! They look so, so good. I don’t have a donut tin or anything, so maybe I can make them into cupcakes or something. Mmmmmm…just thinking about them makes my mouth water…

Buttermilk Banana Blueberry Bread

Well that is a tongue twister! And apparently I want some bananas…I would love to make this! Natalie is finally making banana bread this weekend–after we have stocked up on way too many bananas–and I am highly anticipating them. Maybe I will have to ad some blueberries to mine. Yum-a-licious.

Spinach Lasagna Roll-ups

These actually look amazing. I love pasta, so I am so down to make these, like, as soon as possible. I have never been the biggest fan of spinach, but it has been growing on me. Plus, with the lasagna and cheese and sauce, I know it would taste wonderful. Now, I am really hungry!

Fun Stuff

Prince George Received 774 Gifts in 2014–and More Details on his Fabulous Life!

I absolutely LOVE the baby prince. He is the cutest thing! William and Kate did an excellent job with that munchkin. I think it’s crazy to be living his life. This article/video caught my eye simply because it was about Prince George. He is such a cutie pie.

12 Lies Your Favorite Movies Told You About Prom

Basically. Especially the first one. And I don’t even think the prom king and queen even gave speeches at my prom. We definitely didn’t road trip afterwards, either. Like, I fell asleep on the car ride home. However, I did want a dance-off, knowing it wouldn’t happen. I would like to think my life could be like a movie sometimes.

20 Things You Need to Know (and Accept) Before Dating a California Girl

One day this will become relevant to my life, I promise. Other than the whole organic only and sushi thing, this is totally me. I mean, I like organic, but I will survive without it. Sushi just isn’t my thing–as seafood generally make me nauseous. But this article is ON POINT, especially with #7. I love me some California.

Recovered Shelter Cats Spends His Time Helping Other Animals Heal

Because even though I am a dog person, I so appreciate cats.

And Speaking of cats…

Here is my all-time favorite youtube video:

I don’t know why, but I have loved that video since, like, the sixth grade. Shout out to Erika Reyes for showing it to me in middle school. Changed my life, man.

Much love, A ❤

Love me!


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