Avengers Unite

I have had so much on my mind lately, it is crazy. I have been trying to form my thoughts into words, but everything is so jumbled that it has been difficult. Like, I just actually started tearing up because I am tired and allergies suck. I am back in the library this morning, next to that weird statue I told y’all about a while ago.

What is getting me through these last couple of days is the N Sync playlist on Spotify. It is a throwback that makes my heart so extremely happy 🙂

I see all these people walking by with Starbucks, and I am kind of regretting not getting coffee on my way down here. When I leave, I will grab one because I have a long day ahead of me and I have to pace myself on my caffeine consumption.

So the great thing that has happened this weekend is that I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron last night! I am still fangirling. Chris Evans is actually perfect. *insert heart eye emoji* Please come to formal with me. I still need a date.


I thoroughly enjoyed the movie–how could I not when all my favorite people are in one film? The cast is seriously wonderful: full of babes and my woman crushes. I do not want to give anything away–because I hate spoilers, and staying off Tumblr the 24 hours before I saw it was torture–but I do have a couple of things to say about the movie.

First of all, no matter what anyone says, or whatever happens in the movie, my ship will forever and always be Clint and Natasha. And Steve and Peggy, duh.

Second of all, where the heck is my Black Widow/Hawkeye movie?? I need this ASAP. Maybe after it I will give up my ship, but I still want it. I think it will provide a wonderful connect-the-dots story where I can see Clint and Natasha kick some major ass. C’mon Marvel, work with us here.

Third of all, I think Natalie Portman should make an appearance in the next Avengers movie, even if it’s just for a second. I can’t just wait for another Thor movie. She is mentioned off-handedly in both movies, but I need to see her!

Fourth of all, GREAT movie, but I wanted to see some character development. I think that would have added a lot to the substance of the movie. They all have great stories, and I would have liked to see something other than the characters fighting evil–even though I do love that. Other than Clint’s big secret, I feel like there wasn’t much more to them than their jobs as “the Avengers.” Plus, it seemed like no one learned anything (I am looking at you Tony Stark). Some more of that in the next film, please and thank you.

But still, what you should get out of this is: Marvel is wonderful, and I cannot wait for the next film.

In other news, a new royal baby has arrived on the planet!! Congrats to Will and Kate on welcoming their baby girl into the world! If she is anything like Prince George, she will be adorable and perfect.

One day, I will make it to London, I promise. I want to visit so badly!! And just Europe in general, really.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must return to studying, writing this week’s Pretty Little Roomies, and resisting the urge to itch my bug bites. I have five of them, but one has swelled up to the size of my hand–not good! I think I might need to see a doctor…

Have a beautiful day, and don’t forget to hug someone today!


Love me!


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