Secret – PLR Episode 9

Hump day is here!


Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 9

“Emily, you have bee avoiding us on this all week,” Marissa said. “You can’t keep dodging our questions.”

The girls were all sitting together in the living room. They had their homework scattered around them, but the conversation turned toward more interesting things. Now Amanda, Marissa, and Megan were trying to get information about Patrick out of Emily. It was Thursday, and they had nothing.

“It’s because I don’t know how to answer them,” Emily replied. “You really want to know what happened?”

“Duh,” Megan said.

“Well, we went to dinner, and the conversation was normal, like how it always is. There was totally the elephant in the room, but we ignored it at first. Then, over dessert, he brought up where this ‘thing’ was going. I told him what I wanted, which was not a relationship. I just wanted to keep doing what we were doing, hanging out and stuff, but I don’t like labels. He agreed that we didn’t have to do the relationship thing, especially because it is still against the rules.”

Amanda processed this. “So you’re what? Friends with benefits?”

“I guess so,” Emily replied. “I just felt like it was me talking the whole time about what I wanted. He never really mentioned if he wanted anything different.”

“Do you think he does want more, and he just didn’t say anything?” Megan asked.

Emily threw up her hands in exasperation. “Who knows? I certainly don’t.”

“Well, are you going to talk to him about it again?” Marissa wondered. “Because it sounds like you guys decided on something, but it also sounds like you have no idea what’s going on.”

Emily said, “Not at the moment. Basically, I got what I wanted–I think–and I think we both need to be in this weird state a little bit longer to see where we are at.”

The rest of the roomies thought this sounded reasonable enough for the moment and dropped the subject for the time being.

The next morning, Megan went to the pool, as she always did, since she didn’t have Friday classes. Today, she was alone and took to reading for fun. She was in the final draft of her English paper and had caught up on all the plays for Theatre, so it was time to treat herself.

She was ready for dead week to start and end, then take her finals and start Spring Break. This quarter had been endless; everyone was ready for it to be over.

 Eventually, Megan made it back to her apartment, where she took a shower and washed the sweat and tanning oil off of her skin. It may have almost been springtime, but it was starting to feel like summer already.

Afterwards, she packed up her Geology notes and walked the few feet to Thomas’ apartment. They snacked on chips and guac while they studied, taking breaks to talk and gossip. Thomas brought up the open mic night happening the next evening.

“We should practice. It needs to be better than the last time. I mean, we were awesome, but we have to surpass those expectations,” he said.

“I don’t even know if I want to do it, Thomas,” Megan replied. “Last time was fun, kind of, but I still get nervous in front of people. I’m not like you with your webcasts and stuff.”

Thomas shut his Biology book. “You can do it. Come on, I can’t do it alone, and we sound really good on this song.”

They had been privately practicing the acoustic Glee version of “Teenage Dream” all week. Megan sang it with confidence when she rehearsed alone in her apartment, and it was only slightly more nerve-racking with Thomas, but she couldn’t stop her voice from shaking as soon as she got in front of an audience.

Despite her protests, she knew there was no getting out of this.”Okay, I’ll do it. The song does sound really good. I just hope I won’t mess it up.”

Rather sassily, he said, “Stop being negative, Megs.”

By then, both of their stomachs were growling, so they went to the salad bar for dinner. Megan, remembering the last time there was an open mic night, texted Dan about it, since complained when she didn’t invite him before. She knew Phi Kap was probably hosting a party that night, so he would most likely not come, but she sent the message anyway. He didn’t answer, and she took that as a good sign. Her roommates were coming; she didn’t need more people to see her out of her comfort zone.


“Is Patrick coming?” Amanda asked.

Emily nodded. “He said he would. I mean, I don’t think open mic nights are his thing, but he wants to show his support.”

The two girls were walking to 29E to bring the boys to the small event in their Community Center. Marissa and Jason were going to meet them there. Amanda knocked on the door, and Alexander opened it. Behind him, Brad, Nina, Antonio, Johnny, Nikki, and Samantha were getting their stuff ready to go. They all headed towards the building together.

Inside the room, lots of people, mostly from their complex, gathered to see the talented performers. And maybe the not-so-talented ones, too. But it wasn’t about being great, it was about having fun. Marissa and Jason were already there, so the group took seats in folding chairs next to them.

Suddenly, Amanda elbowed Emily in the ribs, intending to be gentle. Em’s ribs thought differently.


Amanda gestured slightly to a girl standing on the side of the room. “Isn’t that Whitney?”

Emily’s eyes widened. “Yes,  it is.”

Of course,  Whitney lived in their complex; it shouldn’t have been such a shock to see her there. However, ever since the “Miley Cyrus” incident, she seemed like a ghost. They never really saw her, and if they did, it was only for a second. Emily texted Patrick to tell him not to sit near her, just to be safe.

A boy from the dorms walked through the doors right before Matty was going to go up and announce the first act. Marissa motioned to him. “Dan, come sit over here.”

“No Phi Kap party tonight?” Emily asked.

Dan replied, “No, there is a party. I just missed the last one of these, and I wanted to be here. I kind of still majorly owe you guys. Of course, you guys are welcome to come to the house afterwards, since it won’t really start for a while.”

Marissa gave him a thumbs up, while Matty spoke into the microphone on the makeshift stage. “Hi, guys! Welcome to our Open Mic Night. I am glad so many of you came out to see our great residents.”

He announced each performer before they went on. Some sang to tracks, some played the piano. It was all fairly informal, so there wasn’t much pressure. Finally, it was time for Megan and Thomas to sing.

Megan fidgeted with the mic while she sat on the stool. Thomas was calm, cool, and collected, as usual. Megan’s throat went dry when she saw everyone in their seats. Seeing Dan made her want to get off the stage immediately. He never replied to her text about it, so she assumed he wouldn’t come. She counted on him not coming.

Her roommates and friends gave her big smiles and thumbs ups. Marissa slyly took out her phone to videotape the performance, hoping Megan wouldn’t see it.

The music started playing. There was no backing out anymore.

Megan started with a solo, which was very last minute. As in, Thomas suggested it all of ten minutes before the event began when they were practicing outside. Somehow, he talked her into doing it. Thomas sang the second part of the verse, then they sang the chorus together. This repeated for the second verse and the bridge.

Megan refused to look at anyone’s face. She was in a groove, and eye contact would ruin that.

When they finished, the whole crowd cheered, her friends especially loudly. Megan’s heart was still pounding, but she felt really good about the whole thing. Thomas kicked butt, too, but that wasn’t much of a surprise.

When the event ended, Megan jumped at the chance to go to the Phi Kap house for the party. She needed to de-stress from the performance. None of her roommates came along, but her friend Mandy was going to be there.

Dan was keeping true to his mostly sober promise, and only had one beer the entire night. Megan was pretty proud of him for taking that incident so seriously. It seemed that most people didn’t, even if it had been as serious as a hospital trip.

It was a great last hurrah before Dead Week began and the intense studying commenced. Spring Break was on the horizon.

Yeah, nothing too exciting this week, but I am getting ready for a juicy season finale! There will probably be one or two more episodes before that. Writing this is a good de-stressor, but it also stresses me out sometimes. I try to come up with a good episode every week, but there’s homework and midterms all over the place.

Seriously, I had a French test yesterday, I have a Sociology midterm today (as this post is going live, actually), and my English midterm is tomorrow. I also have Greek Week practice every night this week. Help!

But that is mostly why I don’t have many posts throughout the week anymore–I am putting a lot of blogging time into PLR. But don’t worry, when PLR has its hiatus, expect more of a variety of posts! Maybe not frequently, but hopefully, I will have one every other day or so.

Week Six is halfway over, which means three and a half more weeks until finals. Can you actually believe that? Man, thinking about it makes my palms sweaty. Is that weird??

Oh my gosh, and I never recapped Disneyland. There is too much to do! Just breathe, Ashley. You can do this. Self pep talks happen way too often for me…Where are my therapy dogs, Poly??

Your extremely stressed and totally grateful blogger, A ❤

Love me!


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