Grease Lightning

Boy, is the exhaustion real right now. It has been so worth it, though. Yes, this is another one of those posts where I talk about how much I love Cal Poly and Greek Life. I have no shame.

Greek Week 2015 – Purple Panthers


It has been something, hasn’t it? You team up AOII with two awesome fraternities, Phi Psi and Sig Nu, and voila! A kick ass Greek Week team with a sick name and hunger to win. That sounds kind of intense, but we got really competitive.

And you what? It paid off. Because we won!!

That’s right, the Purple Panthers took first place in the biggest Greek event of the year. Can I get a hell yeah? Hell yeah!

We kicked but in Penny Wars. Pennies=points. Silver coins and dollars are negative points. Put any many pennies in your own container, but other teams can put anything counting as negative points into your container and vice versa. We put over $100 into another team’s container–they were doing that same to us. All the money goes to charity, and we raised over $2,000! Do you realize how many pennies that is? Even with the non-penny coins and bills. Like, the entire city of SLO was out of pennies. People had to go to banks in nearby towns to get the pennies.

We also could bring in food cans. Purple Panthers capped out on the points we could get for the cans, and also brought in more than that. We capped out early, too. We are both dedicated and competitive.


There were plenty of sports games throughout the week. Our team made it to the finals in almost every one. We kicked butt in dodgeball, taking first place. I didn’t play in any of the sports games because, let’s honest, we would have lost everything. I helped my not participating. I tried to go to the games to support, but I had class and studying for midterms (I had three this past week).

On Thursday, there was the Mustang Mile to raise awareness about alcohol safety. It was not a Greek Week event, but we got points for participating. It was really cool to see everyone dressed up and ready to support a good cause. Yes, a lot of people dressed up in costume; it’s just how it is. It was really wonderful to see so many people, both Greek and non-Greek, come together like that. It made me so proud to be a Mustang.

Friday night was one of the biggest events: Lip Sync. It is where each team comes up with a skit with songs and dances. Our performance was based on Grease, which is one of my favorite movies. As a former choir kid, it was almost a crime for me not to participate. It was a wonderful experience. A lot of work, yes, but it turned out great.


We took tied for third place in the competition. Totally acceptable because our biggest rivals didn’t even place. I can honestly say that even though it didn’t go as smoothly as planned, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.


The next day was Beach Day. Tug of war, beach volleyball, sandcastles, limbo, you name it. I didn’t get to go, but I made sure to get play-by-plays from my friends. Obviously, we kicked some major butt because we ended up winning the whole thing.

Purple Panthers, Greek Week champs of 2015.

And here I am, typing this out to you for who-knows-what-reason. I just kind of adore Cal Poly and Greek life. And maybe I wanted to brag about my awesome team. Damn, this feels good.

Happy, happy days!


We are coming up on Week 7 of Spring Quarter, and I am ready for the home stretch. Greek Week has exhausted me beyond belief. So have midterms. Prepare for about a thousand self pep talks.

Freshman year, let’s get ‘er done.

❤ A

OH! And Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful, fantastic mothers out there!! I love my mama lots! Don’t forget to always show them how much you care about and appreciate them 🙂

Love me!


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