Secret – PLR Episode 10

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Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 10

“Is this some kind of joke?” Megan exclaimed. She jumped out of bed and into the hallway, looking for a roomie.

Emily was in her room, close to dozing off in front of her laptop. She had woken up early to study and do homework, but by 8:30, she was ready to go back to bed. That is 8:30 in the morning, not the evening. Dead week – one. Roomies – zero.

“What’s up?” Emily asked, groggily.

Megan whined. “My ex and I are both working over spring break. Together.”

Emily winced. “Shit.”

Megan met her now ex-boyfriend through the summer camp they both worked at. They had broken up over the summer. Their boss was putting on a spring camp, and Megan could use the money; she thought her ex had quit the job and moved onto another, as he planned on doing at the end of last summer. But there he was, scheduled for the week, and the two of them would be in charge of the same group of kids. Great.

It’s not like the relationship ended terribly. But they had not spoken since then, and so it might be awkward. Don’t let it bother you, Megan, she told herself. Not this week.

Emily assured her everything would be fine. “Look hot and make him miss you.”

Marissa appeared out of her bedroom, having overheard the conversation. “But don’t get back together with him, please. Don’t forget why you guys broke up.”

“You don’t need to worry about that, believe me,” Megan said. Then she walked to the kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal. Soon, she was off to her last Theatre class until the final.

“Morning, Mandy,” she said to her little blonde friend. “Ready for this class to be over?”

“Definitely,” Mandy replied. “I heard we are getting out early today. He only has a few more notes for us, then questions about the final, and we are free.”

Megan cheered to herself. “Sweet.”

The two of them sat through the short lecture, trying not to be on their phones. Within the hour, they were grabbing Starbucks and chatting about Spring Break.

Mandy went back to her dorm, while Megan went off to the library to use the extra time before class to study. Marissa and Jason were there, so she pulled a chair up to their table and opened her notebook. No one talked much; studying was the priority. Occasionally, one of them would sigh with stress, curse the ceiling quietly, then return to their work. Marissa didn’t curse much; Jason and Megan were the guilty ones. Jason left first, Marissa and Megan followed an hour later.

Megan sat down in English with a hard copy of her essay in hand. The class spent most of the two-hour block peer grading each other’s papers. Towards the end of the period, essays were returned and questions were asked.

She headed towards the Science building to continue cramming for Geology. Dan usually showed up a few minutes after her, but today she was left waiting. She texted him asking him where he was and that she needed someone to quiz her on prehistoric beasts. Nothing.

Megan just put her headphones in and tried to test herself on her fossil facts. The whole hour was spent like this, alone on her usual couch, her backpack taking up the empty seat.

Finally, right as she was packing up her notes to go to class, Dan texted her back. “Sorry, I was at the library. Study later?”

She replied, “Sure.” Then she went to class, where her stress grew. Why were GEs so hard?


Emily and Amanda were at the library scouring the building for a table, not surprising, since it was the place to be this week. They found a place on the third floor and spread out their books and notes.

“I don’t know what to do,” Emily whispered, opening her laptop. “I really want to go crazy at Georgetown over spring break with my friends. That runs the risk of hooking up with other guys. What do I say to Patrick?”

Emily’s friend in DC invited her to stay on the Georgetown campus for a few days. They were not on Spring Break yet. Emily jumped at the chance to let loose before spending the rest of the week in New York with her dad. There were attractive boys at Georgetown, and she did not want to have to worry about hurting anyone’s—Patrick’s—feelings. Their last conversation about defining their relationship was so…inconclusive. It was especially difficult because they still had to keep whatever they were under wraps.

Amanda replied, “Well, you have to tell him or talk to him about it. I mean, he can’t tell you what to do, but he should know.”

“I know that, but I was hoping you would say that I could just go do whatever and he didn’t need to know.”

“Em, if you don’t want to be with him, then you need to say something.”

Emily opened her accounting notes. “I am so new to this. Relationships are not my thing at all.”

Amanda pointed out, “Well didn’t you establish that you didn’t want anything serious the last time you guys talked? I mean, you should still tell him about this, but I am not sure if he is seeing other people.”

“We never said we were exclusive or anything, but you’re right, I don’t think he is seeing anyone else,” Emily said. “Although, that would be a good cover for us…”

“This is the most confusing relationship-thing ever, Em.”

“I completely agree.”

The girls’ conversation was earning glares from others near them, so they quieted down and got to studying, Amanda for chemistry, Emily for accounting.

A text popped up on Emily’s computer from the man himself. Patrick invited her to a party off-campus that night, and was following up for her attendance. She wanted to go, but one of the fraternities was having a blackout party that she didn’t want to miss. Should she tell him? Or say she had to study…

“Sorry, I’m hanging out with the roomies tonight,” she typed back. It wasn’t a total lie; Megan was planning on coming to the party with her. Maybe Marissa, too.

Wow, she thought, I really need to figure out what I want.

Megan joined their table when her class was over, and not long after, Emily was off to her own class. Megan stuck her nose into her Theatre book immediately to reread one of the shorter plays from this quarter. Amanda was in her chemistry zone—something none of them wanted to break.

After a while, Amanda sighed. Too much information all at once. She needed a break and decided to grab some coffee to wake her up. “Want anything?” she asked Megan.

“No, thanks.”

Megan texted Dan, asking if he wanted to get dinner and study in an hour or two. Again, nothing. She and Amanda ended up getting salads together and heading home.

“You should totally come tonight,” Megan told her, referring to the blackout party. “Kappa Tau is great.”

“I don’t know, Megs. I’m not going to know anyone there.”

“So you can dance with me!” she suggested. “It’ll be really fun, I promise.”

Amanda pursed her lips. “I’ll think about it.”

“That’s all I ask.”

Megan went to her room for a Netflix session. Studying nonstop was totally wearing her out. Amanda wanted in on it, too, so Megan hooked up her laptop to the TV in the living room, and they watched House of Cards together.

Emily came home and ate dinner. They all hung out and talked for a while, until it was time to get ready for the party. Amanda decided to stay home, much to Emily’s dismay, who had just gotten word that Marissa wasn’t coming either.

Megan hadn’t heard from Dan at all, but she knew that Phi Kap was having an animal-themed party. Emily wasn’t interested in that, but if Kappa Tau wasn’t fun, she was open to party-hopping. The two girls donned black shorts and shirts. It was the perfect amount of risqué—not too covered-up, but not too slutty either.

“Let’s bounce,” Megan said, putting her key card in her pocket and attaching her rape whistle key chain onto her bra strap. The whistle itself was pushed into her bra.

Bras are really great when you don’t have a purse to put stuff in, just saying.

She and Emily walked off campus to the Kappa Tau house, where the party was just heating up. They grabbed cups and hit the dance floor together until two boys approached them. They were cute boys, so the girls’ danced with them.

Emily went off to get another drink with her guy, while Megan and hers, whose name she learned was Jake, went to the BP table and called for next game. Megan and Jake kept winning, and eventually played Emily and a guy named Travis.

The party wound down a little after midnight—it was Thursday after all, and a lot of people had class the next day. Travis lived in the house, so he left Emily to pass out. She was not too upset about this, due to the fact that her mind kept wandering to Patrick the whole night. Jake left with them; he lived in their complex, just in a different building. He also wanted to make sure Megan and Emily got home safely.

“Thanks, Jake,” Megan said at her door, and she kissed him goodbye. Then she closed the door and was engulfed by the warmth of her apartment.

“That guy was really cute!” Emily exclaimed. “Why didn’t you invite him to stay?”

Megan shushed her because Amanda was asleep. “Because I just met him.”

“Megs, it’s not like to you had to sleep with him or anything.”

“I know! But I still barely know him. I mean, the only thing I know about him is that he is a great BP partner.”

Emily jokingly scolded her, then the two of them went to bed. Emily fell fast asleep without realizing she had about ten texts from Patrick. They ranged from “We need to talk” to “Something really bad happened, please call me.”

When Emily woke up the next morning and saw the messages, her mind immediately thought the worst. They needed to talk, pronto.

Hmmmmm…I wonder what urgent thing Patrick has to tell Em. How many hours can these people spend in the library? Why are the girls going to frat parties right before finals? What will happen with Megan’s ex? And who is this Jake? All great inquiries. Some will be answered next week in the “season finale” and some may be answered next season. Can’t wait!

And yes, I did steal a frat name from Greek. I needed a quick fake fraternity name. If you didn’t notice, then oops, confession time.

Have a beautiful day and date an abolitionist! 🙂


Love me!


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