My Sweet Lord

Got some changes going on on the blog! I am back to using the Adele theme 🙂 I wanted a change, and I couldn’t settle on anything else. I like this theme a lot, so I thought it only necessary that I go back to it.

I also updated my “The Girl With the Laptop” page! Check it out if you dare. Now, onto other things.

Lately, I have found my mind wandering to one topic. This topic in particular is one I have been sort of neglecting to focus on. Of course, I think about this all the time, but I never stop to really reflect on it.

I’m talking about religion.

The subject of religion has come up a lot in three out of my four classes repeatedly. The fourth class is French–we talk a lot about food there. I am hungry…

Okay, back to religion. The first few weeks of my Liberal Studies class focused on the Puritans/Congregationalists and how religion and their beliefs influenced education. Since then, we have discussed other Protestant denominations, Roman Catholic (holler), Deism, and a few others. Of course, this class is about education, so it all relates back to that, but we talk a lot about the religious (and not religious) beliefs.

My English class talks a lot about religion and how that influences writers. There are so many allusions to the Bible and religious teachings. As a writer, I would like to get more in touch with my faith, and see how that can influence my writing. I think it does already without me realizing it, but I still want to get more in touch with it.

My Sociology class focuses on society (duh), but religion does make appearances. Religion often affects society in some way.

Last summer, I talked a lot about getting back into reading the Bible and focusing on my faith. Thanks to class, studying, homework, Greek life, more studying, etc I have not had the chance to get very far. I have been struggling so much lately as far as eating disorders and sometimes depression goes, and I remind myself that God has a plan for me. There is a reason this is all happening, and I can’t give up on myself. God created this beautiful world for me (and everyone else, obviously) to live in.

Like, I didn’t not peak in high school for nothing. Something greater than those four years is meant for me. I have seen that in all that I have accomplished since September. And every time I have Bad Thoughts, I have to remember that this isn’t the end. I am meant for wonderful things.

More than writing, I want to help people. I want people to be inspired and influenced by my writing in the way I have been throughout my life. I was blessed with this creative mind for a reason.

And the more I think about it, the more I feel like I would love to teach young children. Kindergarten teachers are some of the most important people out there. I want to help children discover the wonders of learning. That sounds so nerdy, but I really do love to learn, and I think education is so important.

But now I am getting a little off topic.

My relationship with God has been an interesting one for the last near decade. It was a constant battle between “Why are you doing this to me?” and “I know you will help me get through this” thoughts. Then there was the “Why did you give me this body and not a perfect one?” It has taken me a long time to get to the point of “He has a plan for me, and if I just have faith, I will get through this.”

I want to strengthen my relationship with God and my faith. It is because I have faith that I am here today and thriving in life. I have drawn my strength from believing in a better life after depression. I am supposed to live a full life. I believe that building a better relationship with God will help me with that.

Summer will be the prime time for Bible reading and church going. I can’t this quarter, but next Fall I would really love to join Cru. We have the Newman Center, which is a small Catholic church right off campus. There are many options for me to renew my faith here, and I can’t wait to utilize them.

This year has been one of a lot of adjustment, and next year will be more of settling into my niche. I have Greek life, I have my roommates, I have my schoolwork. My faith is something I can incorporate into all aspects of my life, and I will do as such.

Religion will only become more prevalent in my life and in my studies. I want to know everything about it. Not only Catholicism; I want to learn more about other faiths as well. Catholicism is my religion of choice, but I think it is important to know about others. Judaism, Buddhism, other Christian denominations, and so on. I am kind of on a faith-kick, can you tell?

I encourage you guys to explore your faith, too! Or not faith, if you are into that. Whatever your little heart desires, really.

Much love, A ❤