Secret – PLR Episode 11



Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 11

The air was cool, giving Emily goosebumps on her skin. The only sounds were from the crickets. The girl was trying to process what Patrick had just told her. The words “I got fired” played over and over in her head.

He got fired. Because of her.

“No, it wasn’t just because of you,” he tried to reassure her. “There were other things.”

“But I am the tipping point, Patrick. I am the straw that broke the camel’s back. I am probably in so much trouble, too.”

Patrick leaned against the stucco wall outside of Emily’s apartment. “No, you’re not, I promise.”

“But they brought me up by name, and they have those pictures that Whitney took!” She was having a difficult time staying calm. What was this going to do for her life plan? It had to be a setback.

“Yes, they did. But I am in the wrong here, not you. Sure, they will probably keep a closer eye on you than before, but don’t worry about it. Just don’t have any more Margarita Mondays or Wine Wednesdays for a while.”

She said she would be on her best behavior. “But what is going to happen to you?”

“I mean, they gave me this week to find a new place to live, and I don’t have a job anymore. It goes on my academic record, so my chances at getting another one with any school might be out of the question, but I get to stay here to finish grad school,” he explained. “It’s kind of a relief, to be honest. I thought it would be a lot worse. It helps that you are not a minor, so there’s not really the consent issue.”

Emily was glad that he would get to stick around, but what did it mean for the two of them? His job was the biggest thing holding them back from becoming a couple, but she still had her reservations. Relationships were still not her thing at all, but he got fired because of her. She felt almost obligated to keep seeing him. Of course, she did still care about him, but she wasn’t sure she wanted more than what they were. Another Define-the-Relationship conversation was coming soon, she knew.

And it might have been shallow to think, but what about her reputation? Patrick said she was not in trouble, but she would be watched. She hated a lot of the housing policies to begin with, and now she was going to have to follow them to a T—no more loopholes. Ugh, but she loved those loopholes.

“You don’t seem very worried about any of this,” Emily said, noting his calmness.

Patrick shrugged. “I mean, I am freaking out, and I know my parents are going to shit a chicken. I need to start looking for another job that will hopefully overlook this, but my record is pretty spotless besides this. Again, you being over eighteen helps the situation a bit. I think I am more worried about finals and finding a new place to live on such short notice. This came at a really bad time.”

Emily agreed, and she wanted to do something to make him feel better. “Megan is baking cookies when she comes back from the library, which should be soon. Do you want to hang out with us and de-stress with some sugar?”

Patrick smiled. “I would love that. Plus, it’s not like I have to be worried about hanging out here anymore.”

The two of them went inside and Emily closed the door and the curtains. “True, but you should probably lay low here for a little while until things die down.”

“Good point.”

Emily turned on the TV, and some action movie she had never seen was playing. After about ten minutes, there was rapid knocking at the door. She got up and silently tsk-ed Megan for being too lazy to use her key. But it wasn’t Megan.

Alexander walked in, looking almost frantic. “Em, did you hear about Patrick? He got fired for having a relationship with a resident! I mean, Brad said there was other stuff, too, but still. Who do you think it is?” he said, speaking a mile a minute, and clearly not seeing Patrick on the couch, as he was facing the opposite way.

Patrick took this as his cue to clear his throat. “Hi, Alexander.”

Amanda’s boyfriend whipped around and his eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped. “Emily, it’s you?!”

She gave him a guilty smile. “Bingo.”

“I’ve got to tell Brad!”

Emily blocked the door so he wouldn’t leave. “Oh, no you don’t. This stills needs to be on the down-low, Alexander. Because it doesn’t reflect too well on either of us. I want to be the one to tell people.”

Alexander finally slowed down. “You’re right, I’m sorry. This is just such big news that I got too excited,” he said, then turned to Patrick. “And I am really sorry about your job, dude. That blows.”

Patrick tried to shrug it off. “Yeah, it does, but I guess, it’s not the end of the world.”

The door then opened and hit Emily in the back. It was Megan. “Oh, my God!! I am so sorry, Em!”

Emily stumbled forward a little bit, but was fine. “It’s okay, Megs.”

Megan saw Alexander, then her eyes moved to Patrick. She was about to start making excuses for his presence, but the former BM stepped in. “I got fired…”

Her eyes grew wide, just like Alexander’s had. “What?”

He added, “And now Alexander knows about Emily and me.”

The girl pursed her lips. “Well, I can only think of one thing to make this weirdness better, and that is cookies. I picked up more cookie dough on the way back.”

Alexander put his hands together. “Can I stay for cookies?”

“Sure, just don’t let your roommates come. I am not that into sharing right now,” Megan replied. “By the way, where is your girlfriend?”

On cue, Amanda emerged from her bedroom. “Wow, you put your headphones in to watch a biology tutorial, and you miss everything. What on earth is going on?”

Emily explained, with a few interjections from Patrick.

“You are all oddly calm about this,” Amanda said. “Except maybe you, Alexander. You still look kind of jumpy.”

“I just downed a big cup of coffee and the caffeine is kicking in.” And that explained it.

They all stood (well, Patrick was still sitting) around the living room, suddenly not really sure where to go from there. A rather long award silence ensued.

“So, cookies?” Megan suggested, walking into the kitchen and turning on the oven.

“Good plan,” Amanda said. “Need any help?”

Megan shook her head. “No, I’m good for now, but thanks.” She started placing balls of dough on a pan, while the oven pre-heated. Then she walked over to the table and opened her laptop.

Gradually, everyone went back to what they were doing. Alexander left and came back with his laptop and a textbook to study with Amanda. The TV was left on with the volume turned down almost all the way down; it was good background noise.

“Where’s Marissa?” Emily finally asked.

Megan put the cookie sheet in the oven and set the timer. “I think she is staying at Jason’s tonight.”

“Well, she is missing out on the cookies. That first batch smells awesome, Megs.”

Megan flipped her hair over her shoulder. “Thanks, Em, I appreciate it. Even though they are pre-made cookies.”

“They still smell really good,” Patrick told her. “I can have some, right?”

“Duh. Especially after the day you have had.”

He smiled. “I knew this was my favorite apartment.”


“Well, look who it is,” Jake said, sitting down in the seat next to Megan in her Theatre lecture.

She was caught off-guard. “I didn’t know you were in this class.”

“It’s almost a little late, considering we are about to take the final.”

One of the TAs handed the two of them the packet of paper and told them to quiet down. Megan took out a scantron and started writing in her information. Jake sat next to her, digging through his binder.

“Shit. Do you happen to have an extra one of those?” he asked.

She smirked. “Wow, first final of the day, and you are already off to a bad start.”

He chuckled, taking the scantron she held out for him. “Yeah, a little bit.”

This was the final that Megan was least worried about, and she flew most of the way through it. There were parts she struggled with, but it was not too difficult. She finished fairly early on, before the first hour was up, and Jake turned in his test not long after she did. He caught up to her in the Starbucks line.

“Do you have anymore finals today?” he wondered.

She shook her head. “Thankfully, no. What about you?”

“No, that was my last real final for the quarter. I have a paper due, but it’s online.”

She gaped at him. “But it’s only Tuesday. How are you already finished?”

He smiled. “I guess I am just lucky,” he replied. “And if you don’t have anything to do or want to take a study break, a couple people are going downtown for dinner tonight. Do you want to come?”

She thought for a minute. She really needed to study for her Geology final, but that wasn’t until Thursday. Jake was really cute, too, and they had been texting (and flirting) since the party on Thursday. Hm, a study break with real food. It sounded like something she couldn’t pass up.

“Yeah, I’ll come.”

“Awesome!” he exclaimed, then changed the subject. “Did you hear about that Building Manager who got fired the other day?”

Megan pursed her lips; she knew this was coming. Even people who didn’t live in her complex had heard about it. “Yeah, I heard.”

“He lives in my building, and we were talking the other day about it. It’s pretty shitty that he has such little time to move out. I know part of it was a relationship with a resident.”

“Really?” she asked, pretending to be completely out of the loop.

The secret was out, but it wasn’t all the way out. Emily was still worried about how it would affect her, so the rest of the roomies wanted to keep the identity of the mysterious resident under wraps for the time being. The only people that knew for sure were the girls, Alexander, and Brad.

“Yeah, it’s pretty insane. I wonder who it is. He said she didn’t live in our building. I don’t really know anyone in other buildings, but I totally want to know who it is. This is, like, the most dramatic thing to ever happen in the apartments.”

“Yeah, it’s definitely weird,” she said. She still wasn’t quite used to it. “But you’ve got a couple of days to figure it out. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.”

“Cool, thanks,” he replied, picking up his coffee from the counter. “I’ll text you about tonight, but I have to go reread my paper to make sure it is perfect. See you later!”

Megan watched the blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy walk away. Boy, was he a looker. She was still pretty shocked he was talking to her, but she didn’t mind it one bit.

She made her way to the library, where Amanda had staked out a table early that morning. “What are you so smiley about?” the girl wondered, looking up from her chemistry notes.

“I’m going to dinner with Jake tonight—in a group setting,” she answered.

“Oh?” Amanda smiled. “That’s great!”

“Yeah, but you know how insecure I am about eating in front of people.” And about eating in general, she added in her head.

Those thoughts hadn’t really left her mind. They came up to bite her whenever she ate any real meal; it was hard to ignore them. Her diet consisted mostly of yogurt, coffee, and salads. Luckily, nobody took notice.

“It’ll be okay, don’t worry, Megs. Just don’t get anything too messy. Do you know where you guys are going?”

“Nope.” That added to her fears. What if there was nothing low-calorie on the menu?

Amanda waved it off. “Whatever, you will be fine. But does this mean Dan might be falling out of the picture?”

Megan thought for a minute. She tried to text Dan a few times this weekend to see if he wanted to go to the library or get frozen yogurt, but he either didn’t answer or got back to her too late. She wasn’t sure why he was suddenly distancing himself from her. He was busy, but he couldn’t be that busy, especially if she asked—and meant—to study.

“I don’t know. He is being really weird. Plus, he doesn’t want anything more than what we are doing. I am kind of getting tired of it. Of course, I still want to be friends, but I am done with doing the whole ‘Emily thing.’”

Amanda laughed. “I think Emily might be done doing the ‘Emily-thing,’ too. But I get you on the Dan thing. You shouldn’t do anything you don’t want to.”

Later, when Megan told Emily about Jake’s dinner invitation, she wasn’t so easy to let go of Dan. “But Dan is awesome!”

“I agree, Em, but it’s not the end of the world. When he decides to be better about texting me back, we will reevaluate the situation.”

“Okay, well, I need to know more about this Jake person.”

“He wants to know more about you, too. He just doesn’t know it’s you, Miss-Mysterious-Resident-that-Patrick-is-Seeing.”

Emily sighed. “Ugh, can people let it go?”

“Evidently not.”

“Can I frame it on Whitney, please? She totally deserves a bad name because of what she did to him,” she said.

Megan only let herself consider it for a second. “No, because she knows the truth. She will definitely out you, if you blame it on her. I am actually surprised she hasn’t said anything yet.”

“I am, too. But I am also not complaining. Like, that is more stress I do not need.”

Megan couldn’t agree more.


Megan was blasting music in her empty apartment. Marissa, Amanda, and Emily had all left for spring break. It was Friday, and the fourth roomie was packing up her things for the train ride home the next morning. Since no one was around, she was free to turn up the Fall Out Boy Pandora radio station. And by no one, I mean no one. Almost everyone in the complex had already left for the break. There was only about fifteen people occupying the six buildings.

She was feeling really good about all of her finals, and this dance party was necessary to celebrate.

Megan was also doing laundry at the time; she wanted clean sheets to come back to the following week. Along with that, she was sweeping the floors and tidying up the apartment. She wanted it to be spotless when they returned.

She took many breaks because her phone kept beeping with text messages. Some were from her mother, but most were from Jake. Their dinner went really well. His friends liked her a lot, and more and more, she was thinking that Jake did, too. They ended up going to a pizza place, and most of the guys scarfed down several pieces; nobody noticed that she barely ate one. She was feeling good, but her body was starting to fight back. While she sent wink faces to Jake, she nibbled on a granola bar.

Her stomach wasn’t satisfied with the bowl of cereal and half a peanut butter sandwich she had eaten that day. It kept growling, getting increasingly louder. After the granola bar, she chugged water and popped a piece of gum in her mouth, trying her best to ignore it. More dancing around and cleaning would take her mind off of it.

Finally, a tinkling sound came from her phone. It wasn’t a text, it meant her laundry was finished. She picked up her basket, and started walking towards the laundry room.

It was eerily quiet. Moths flew around and crickets sang in the late night. Anyone still around was probably asleep, but Megan’s imagination liked to get the best of her. She thought she heard a voice—a yelling voice. The sound traveled down the hallways and between the buildings.

A Luke Bryan song blared out of her pocket, scaring her almost to the point of peeing her pants. “Hey, Mom,” she said, trying to slow her breathing.

“Honey, did you just go for a run or something? You are panting. It is really late, why would you go for a run right now?”

“No, you just scared me,” she replied and then explained why.

“Oh, well, I just wanted to double check that you are all packed and everything. Ready to come home?” her mother asked.

“Yeah, I am packed. Just finishing up some laundry,” she answered, pulling all her sheets out of the dryer. They were warm, and she just wanted to wrapped herself up in them.

Her mom talked more about plans and whatnot, while Megan walked outside with the phone between her shoulder and ear. The voice she heard before was louder, and there was no way it was just her imagination. She put her basket on the folding table in the laundry room and went into the open space between the buildings.

“Hold on, Mom,” Megan said, trying to listen for the voice again.

The sound grew louder and louder. She suddenly heard it clearly; it was familiar. Before she could place it to a face, there was a clanking behind her. She whipped around just in time to watch someone fall from the third floor balcony, landing in the planter against the building and lying still in a heap.

Megan screamed.

Wow, okay. What the heck just happened? You’ll find out soon when Season 2 comes out! That date is TBD, but I definitely need a break. My own finals week is two weeks away, and I have to focus.

But I do have to say thank you to my friends for all their support throughout these past eleven weeks. It means the world. I can’t wait to write next season and post it for you all. This blog is everything to me.

I have grown so much since July when I wrote my very first post. These last ten months on the blog have been awesome, and I cannot wait to see where the next ten months take me. This blog is a great outlet, and I encourage everyone who considers starting one to do as such. I have had so much support from my friends and strangers. You are all wonderful!

Thanks for sticking with me ❤


PS I know I should have waited to find out who the Bachelorette is, but last night, I caved and read an article after it aired on the east coast.


#TeamKaitlynForLife #ByeByeBritt

Basically I am so, so happy about this. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out! But I must watch the episode to get to know the guys more, and see who she sends home. Yay!

Love me!


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