College Days

Hiya, lovely people! Just checking in before the kick-off of Dead Week to share some fun news.

1. My baby sister graduated from eighth grade!

Okay, I know that totally sounds like it’s not a big deal, but when you find out that my family has been at that school since 1998, then you will realize it is, in fact, a big deal. That is seventeen years, people. Those folks are my family, and I am just giddy with excitement thinking about Wednesday night bowling all summer with them all. I’m already missing three weeks because of school, which is not cool, but I will survive. Maybe.


Congrats, Haley! You did it!! Now, stop being taller than me.

2. I started writing Season 2 of Pretty Little Roomies.

And I am so excited about it! I only have about an episode and a half, but it is a good start. The release date is still tentative, but hopefully I can get it out within the first few weeks of summer. I am still torn between two titles/themes for the season: “Live to Tell” and “Reclusion.” I think I have to write a few more episodes to really make a decision, but if you guys have an opinion, I’d love to hear it!

3. It is Dead Week.

So basically kill me.

4. June 12th-14th

Finals. Moving out. Taking a final pretty much while moving out. Driving home. Dinner at the Spot! Work all day Saturday. Work Sunday.


5. June 15th and on

Work the whole summer until my birthday, which is the last day of camp. Except July 18th-August 1st. That is vacation time, and I am SO PUMPED. But basically it is all work, work, work. Yay. I mean, I love it, but it is really hot and children are loud. But I get to be with Steph and Ally so that is great.

And that’s just a head’s up. Of course, I will be blogging more as soon as summer starts. Right now I just have to focus on school. Finals are so close!! You’e be finding me at the library all week, that’s for sure. I am so going to kick butt on those tests. Being positive is part of it all. I would say good luck to all of you, but I know almost everyone is already out–secretly hate you all, by the way. But good luck to those still battling this school year. You are all going to rock it! 🙂

Love, A ❤

Love me!


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