Don’t Be a Dropout

So I know I said I wasn’t going to blog during these next two weeks, but that is a long time, and I miss you guys. Is that weird? I always say I am going to take a break, and it only ever lasts a few days. Hey, it is a good break from Dead Week, in which I am dying. Bu that is because of my chronic back pain. Seriously, my back has been hurting like mad these last couple of days. My back brace has been getting quite a bit of use, but it is very warm in San Luis Obispo (finally!), and the heavy, black fabric is not helping me escape the heat. I guess I really need an MRI, but I also cannot afford an MRI.

Life is just great, isn’t it?

But really, it’s not too bad. I just miss the blog. School is stressful, and I want to do it write. Forty pages into Book 2, and over 200 pages of Book 1, Draft 2. And I have, like, ten WriteWorld prompts I want to respond to and post. Plus, PLR Season 2 still only has an episode and a half written. I just miss writing because it is such a good stress reliever for me.

Speaking of writing, I have actually made it known to my peers about wanting to be an editor. It is something that I have been considering for quite a while, and I am quite good at it. My friends often give me their papers and reports to proof and edit, and I actually like it. Just the other day, Adam offered me money to edit a report for his group for their Communications for Engineers (or something along those lines) class. It was nearly thirty pages all about Cyborg Beetles, but it was kind of cool. I learned more than I ever wanted to about the subject. But that was the moment when I really saw myself as an editor. Of course, I will be an author, that dream is alive and well and will totally happen, but I need to do something else before I am the next Stephen King or James Patterson or Jane Austen or Meg Cabot or John Green or Ally Carter…the list goes on.

Because of this great realization, along with a fantastic talk with my hair dresser (who is one of my favorite people), I have decided to make a little business out of it. I can charge money for this! The roomies, of course, will be on the house, but I may or may not want a Starbucks out of it. Free of charge, not free of coffee. But that sounds like something good for me, right?

If any of you lovely readers ever want anything edited or just read over for feedback, I would love to do it for you! Also free of charge. Just shoot me an email –>

In other news, I am officially researching study abroad programs!! I would love to go to London next summer, but it might not work out. I could go another quarter, of course, but I am also looking at Ireland and Scotland. All sound like awesome places to be. For the summer in London, I would be taking GEs, but if I pick the other places, or a different program that goes to England, I can take more major-specific classes.

It is all just so exciting! I am so torn on where to go, but I must do more research. Let the internet stalking of study abroad programs commence as soon as school ends. It will happen. I am saving money starting four months ago now. Seriously, I need to stop buying things. Honestly, I don’t need much–and I can keep convincing my self that. Europe, I am coming for you!

Lastly, I would just like to inform you that I got my group number for Orientation this coming September, and I am so stoked. Group 147, you are in for a great week, and I can’t wait to meet y’all.


Alas, I must get back to projects, papers, and piles of books. I love you guys more than the moon ❤ I wish you all luck with everything you are doing in these next weeks. I might drop in again, but no promises. I do have some fun links to share, so maybe I will post those during my next study break.

Until next time, A


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