What Time is It?

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, you guys!! IT IS SUMMER TIME!! Aka time to celebrate everything that is good and wonderful in the world because NO MORE SCHOOL! (And yes, yes that was a Legally Blonde: the Musical reference. And a High School Musical one, too).

Words can’t describe how crazy this is…to finish my first year of college. My life began when I came to Cal Poly, and I can’t wait to continue the next three years here. That’s when you know it’s amazing: when you can say “I get to spend three more years here.” Not “I have to spend three more years here.”


I can credit Cal Poly to so many absolutely wonderful things in my life. I have met fantastic people here, made the best memories, and conquered so many of my fears. I can honestly say that this school has changed my life in so many ways, and I have the biggest amount of Mustang pride. This school means so much to me, and I thank my mom every day for forcing me to apply and then dragging me on a tour last April. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

People always ask me what I am studying. I mean, I go to Cal Poly, so it must be something great, right? Yes, I am studying something great, but that’s not what they think when I answer with “I am an English major.” But I think this school NEEDS a little bit of Liberal Arts. My Engineer friends constantly ask me questions about grammar and English-related things. I am not useless at a polytechnic school, and I refuse to let anyone tell me that I am.

Because that’s the other thing: I have learned to stand up for myself. I have so much more confidence now than I did a year ago. I can no longer sit idly and watch things happen. Screw people who don’t believe in you. 

I know, without a doubt, that I am at the right school. It doesn’t matter that I have one of the smallest majors in the smallest college here. I belong at Cal Poly, and I am sure of that. The people that I have met here have impacted my life in the best ways possible; first of all, for proving to me that I have a life worth living. It was hard to see that before I stepped onto this gorgeous campus.
IMG_3908From my very first night here, with these three beyond wonderful human beings I get to call my roommates and best friends…

Photo on 6-12-15 at 4.53 PM

To my last day here, writing this post for you in my near-empty bedroom.


And I have never been more proud to be living life, and keeping this blog going, and dancing through writing Book 2. I can’t love this town and this school enough.

So thank you to my friends, my roomies, my sisters, my professors, the SloDoCo employees, my WOW Leaders, and everyone else I have met since September. I LOVE YOU.

Now let’s have a summer full of munchkins, blogging, writing, pictures, smiles, reading, music, Netflix, and LIVING. I am so happy to be back on the blog; it has been just awful being away from it. Ladies and gentlemen–and anyone else tuning in–let’s have a great life 🙂

From a girl who will take over the world, Me! ❤

Love me! And keep up with my summer adventures!


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