Come Together

You know those days when you hang out with your favorite people and have a wonderful time? Of course, you do. Saturday night was one of those nights for me.

The morning was not so great, but I will not get into that. Thinking about it will “totally kill my vibe.” So onto 8 pm…

I got cute and fancy for a night out in Downtown Burbank with Gracie, Edie, Chelsea, and some family friends. Dinner and then “clubbing” in one of the hotels. The three of us (plus Kayse) are under twenty-one, so there was a risk of us getting kicked out. Many clubs allow eighteen and up, but I know of a girl who got kicked out. It was a risk we were willing to take to dance the night away.


Because at nineteen-going-on-twenty I could still pass for fifteen, well-done make up and a classy outfit was in order to not turn heads. I wore the outfit that I save for out “business casual” chapter meetings.

So we went to dinner at an Italian place downtown. My spaghetti and meatballs were de-lic-ious, and I had been craving the meal for weeks. I was definitely a happy camper.

We all put our phones in the middle of the table, and the first one to pick theirs up got stuck with the check. It is a great method to keep conversations going, along with real-life interaction. Too many people these days are glued to their phone. I try not to be one of them, but sometimes I am guilty. We did this at the club, too, but we were a little more lenient–I mean, this night needed to be documented!

The singer of the band was Kristine Mirelle. She had a great voice! Her drummer was also so cute, and Gracie, Edie, and I had a grand time checking him out from the dance floor. I have no shame. Except that I technically wasn’t allowed to be there, so I didn’t approach him afterwards or anything. Kristine sang one of my favorite Beatles songs, and if I wasn’t in love before, I certainly was then. (Hint: it is the title of this post).


My butt looks good here, don’t you think? 😉

I couldn’t have asked for a better medicine for my bad morning. I had the most fun hanging out with my friends and eating great food and talking and laughing. We need to do this at least twice a month. Honestly, it was way better than any frat party I went to at school.

A couple even asked to take a picture with us! I think they thought we were famous, maybe…Hey, I am not complaining. They wanted to dance with us, and it was a blast. There was quite a creepy guy (probably in his fifties) that tried to join our group, too. We are doing our best to forget about him. I still cannot wait to go back!


This is just a preview to how my Disney vacation next month is going to go. Nancy, Kayse’s mom, asked if I was going to go clubbing on the cruise. “Hell yeah!” was the only acceptable answer.

Summer is going to be wonderful. But before I can get to more fun stuff, I have to work. Which is exactly what this week entails. Now, I must get to it. I can’t just play all the time, right? Gotta work hard to play hard! Well, let’s rock and roll, shall we?

Your Dancing Queen, A ❤

Love me!


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