Same Love

Hello, lovely people of the universe!

I would just like to pop in really quickly on this Friday afternoon to share some exciting news that you probably already know: Same sex marriage is now legal in all fifty states! I know, it’s about time, right?


Yay for marriage equality!! 🙂

Sorry that I have been MIA lately. Work is exhausting me, so I have had very little energy to do anything but try to sleep. Even Netflix and reading makes me start to snooze. I just need to get back into the grind. Plus, there has been plenty of work drama this week that has kept my mind and my thought elsewhere. I cannot talk about it, as it is a very private matter.

But let’s not think about that. Let’s celebrate marriage equality with skittles. Taste the rainbow 😉 I don’t know, I thought that might be funny.

I’ll be back soon (hopefully) to share some more good happenings.

Same love, A ❤


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