A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Today I embark on my seven night cruise in the Caribbean…wow, I cannot believe it is finally here! After a week in Walt Disney World, I am reminded of all the reasons I adore Disney.

He was such a visionary. So many ideas and innovative methods. He had an eye for progress and imagination, and his productions are still a staple for children and adults alike. Learning about him has been one of my favorite past times.

In Hollywood Studios, there is a walk through museum-like exhibit, along with a fifteen minute movie at the end all about Walt Disney and his company’s journey until the present. Pictures, paintings, props, models…all of it was amazing to look at and read about. There is information about everything from his childhood and his inspirations to the struggles and successes of Walt Disney Productions.

Disney has touched my life in so many different ways with movies, characters, stories, theme parks. He taught me how to use my imagination, to let my mind wander and discover new things. He is one of the reasons you can find me working on a story or reading a book or researching a film than doing math problems or mixing chemicals. Disney everything is why I have fully embraced my left-brain, and let my thoughts take flight. He gave me my little faith, trust, and pixie dust to help me follow my dreams…to even have dreams.


I am so lucky to be able to live just blocks away from Disney Studios, to live within an hour of his original theme park, and to have the opportunity to take vacations like this. Of course, it is kind of a money pit, but I get so much out of these trips. I learn so much every time I am here. I do not need souvenirs to tell me what a magical place this is. I mean, that did not stop me from buying a mug, two car antennae decorations, and a new wallet, but I love mementos.

As my family and the three others with us go on this week-long adventure, I cannot wait to see where the sea takes me. I am anxious to make our stops in Mexico, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica, but I know that all my excursions will bring nothing but the good kind of butterflies.


I must say that I will be MIA on Twitter and Instagram, mostly likely. One of our friends’ rooms will have wifi, but I do not want to have to whole myself up there unless I have to. Plus, other than taking pictures and playing the occasional TwoDots game, I really would like to go phone free for this next week. It will be a wonderful break from technology. All I need is my swimsuit and a good book to sit in front of a pool on our days at sea.

I do have a post going up for you guys in a few days. It is about something I never talk about with anyone–hell, I do not think I have ever admitted it out loud to myself–but I think it is one of those things that I should put out there. I think it might be good for a laugh or two, as well. Maybe another post will come your way, too.

Never stop dreaming ❤


Love me!


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