Smile Away

Happy Monday, everybody!

I know I have been sporadic with my posts lately, and I have yet to post anything since my birthday. I want to say I have been busy with other things (like packing!), but other than an errand or two, I have been on my couch with my nose in a book!

After finishing Jurassic Park, I decided to go where I totally should have gone years ago and read the Harry Potter series. We have had books one through six forever, and I love the movies. I tried to read the first book when I was about twelve, but I got up to do a chore about four pages in and never picked it back up. Now here I am, twenty years old, and finishing what I started. One week later, and I am opening the first pages of Goblet of Fire. That is book four for those of you living under a rock who do not know.

Reading so much has made me think so much about writing–but that is nothing new, right? I have been updating bits and pieces of work the last few weeks, which includes Pretty Little Roomies. I hope to have the first episode of Season Two up very soon! Especially because I finally decided on a theme. No, I will not tell you! It is a surprise–as is a lot of the content. I would just like to reiterate that the story is fiction, and if anyone ever wants to talk about any of the things I have written about, I love getting emails!

–> <–

Now onto something fun! A new question of the day, of course. I found another one that really stood out to me. It is question I have heard quite a few times, and I love to hear how people answer it.

What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

I often hear this answered many ways: face, abs (holler at beach trips), butt…you could even go as far as feet or hands or shoulders. Those all sound sort of strange, but hey, no judgement.

My answer, my general answer, would be the face. But for me, it goes a little bit further than that. The first thing I notice is someone’s facial expressions: the way their mouth moves when they talk, how they smile, how their eyes and eyebrows move.

Does that sound weird?

I am a people-watcher, which could sound creepy, but I love just observing people and their movements and mannerisms. It gives me ideas for stories and characters. The first thing I notice is a person’s face because it is usually the first thing I see. I always take note of the expression they were making. My favorite thing is when they are smiling. A person’s smile is magical. That is why I encourage people to smile always.

This is all unless I am at a baseball game. Then you can bet that I am checking out the players’ butts. Sorry, not sorry. They just look so good in those pants! And I cannot see their faces from afar.

What do you guys notice first? I would love to know! 🙂


Love me!


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