Wildest Dreams

On the day of August 29th, 2015, at Petco Park in San Diego, California, Taylor Swift made a stop on her 1989 World Tour. And I died a little.

I cannot quite explain what it is like to see someone you look up to so much doing what they love in a wonderfully done concert. Forty-five thousand people in the crowd (a sell-out concert), seats on the field, bracelets that flash to the beat of the music, screaming fans…the energy is just wild. I lost my voice from yelling song lyrics. But was it worth it? One hundred percent.


Music has always been such a huge part of my life. I grew up on classic rock from my dad and country from my mom. I dreamed about becoming a singer ever since I was little, and I put a lot of work into improving my voice. I also took a try at songwriting when I was about nine. I was impressed with my skills, at the time, but I only grew as time passed. A year or so later, I heard about a young girl who was writing her own songs and recording them. The first time I heard “Teardrops on my Guitar,” my life changed. If Taylor Swift could do it, so could I.By thirteen, I was popping out several songs a month, more than one a week. Of course, they still needed a little work, but I kept at it.

Taylor inspired me to keep writing and use my experiences to do so. I had never been in love, but I sure dreamed a lot about it. Her songs were my life. There was one for every emotion I felt, and so that is how I dealt with it. I would blast Taylor Swift–much to the dismay of my siblings–and then start my own lyrics. I have kept a very good record of the songs I have written since I was thirteen, and I can say that I know exactly where ninety-six percent of them are. I hold onto them because they represent the girl Taylor taught (and is still teaching) me to be.


Since sophomore year of high school, my songwriting obsession has taken a major turn to story writing, and I have found my passion in that. That is not to say I do not write lyrics anymore, because I totally do. It is therapeutic. And it does not matter that songwriting is not my major outlet anymore, it does not mean Taylor does not still influence everything I write. She does.

Taylor continues to inspire me with every song she releases, and every pep talk she gives at her concerts (seriously, I cried). Fearless is my favorite album of hers. It has so many songs that I relate to, that put me in the best of moods, that I turn the volume up to when I want to drown out the world. But 1989 reminded me why I loved her so much.

One day last summer, I was really feeling down about the world, for my own personal reasons, and so I listened to really sad songs, both Taylor Swift and not. But then, while I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I noticed one of Taylor’s tweets saying she released her first single from her new album. Curious of my number one woman crush’s latest hit, I watched the video for “Shake it Off.” Immediately, my whole perspective changed. It was exactly what I needed to do: I had to shake off the thing that was bothering me. And I can honestly say that that song catapulted me into a new person. It was a life anthem.


Ever since I first took notice of Taylor, I scoured the internet for shows little, ol’ me could afford. My efforts proved fruitless time and time again, and I lived vicariously through pictures, videos, and interviews I found on the internet. I almost got to see her Red tour. Almost.

Finally, this year, my dreams came true! My friend Michael got field seat tickets for a great price, and I got to see Taylor Swift live in concert. It was simply life-changing. I am not ashamed to say I cried a little–wouldn’t you if you were so close to the person who inspired you and helped you through the hardest times in your life? It didn’t matter that my feet hurt like hell, or my throat is still on fire, or I sweated off my make up. I got to see Taylor Swift doing what she loved and being the woman I have looked up to for almost ten years.


I will not go into how I felt when she brought Avril Levine onstage as a special guest to sing “Complicated” because I screamed so hard I thought I was going to throw up. That is how pumped I was for that duet.

It was a night to remember forever, a night that truly changed my life. Say what you want about Taylor Swift, but she is one of my biggest role models, and she deserves the awards and recognition she gets and more. I mean, she was fighting a cold at the concert and still managed to sound flawless.


And because I got live out my wildest dreams ( 😉 ), that night I dreamt about Harry Potter and Hermione caught the snitch. GIRL POWER, am I right, ladies?

I am having Taylor withdrawals now. I want to relive the concert so badly. One day, I WILL meet her. But for now I will watch this video over and over and over because I AM IN LOVE WITH IT.

Your Fav Swiftie, Ash ❤

My social networks, as of today, are private, due to Panhellenic rules for recruitment. Only for a little while, though! When I blog about bid day, you can bet they will be back open–except Instagram, which I keep private anyway. Just send me a follow request, and I should accept it!

Love y’all.



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