Strip It Down, Part One- Video Blog

I have been having some trouble with my thoughts lately, and I thought it would be better to talk it out rather than write it out, so I made a little video–or a kind of long one. I hope to do a couple of these, as I have a lot to say, and obviously one video is not going to cover it all, regardless of how long it is. I can only upload videos that are so long.

This one is about eating disorders, and how I feel about mine and how I am struggling with it. I make some comments that could be considered offensive, and I am dearly sorry for that. I do not say this explicitly in the video but every case is different and there are many that are like mine. I am not disregarding those cases in any way, shape, or form, I promise. Every case is different and equally as important as the next.

As if you guys do not get enough of my rambles in writing, now you get to hear it, too. I would love to hear your thoughts.



Questions, Comments, Concerns?

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