Dancing Away with my Heart

Feeling a little creative today 🙂 so  I’ve got another WriteWorld post for you!


The club was warm, and only growing warmer as more people piled in. For most people, their plans were cut short because of the rain. It was coming down too hard for them to get anywhere else. “The more the merrier!” the bouncer said after checking IDs.

“I love this song!” I squealed, squeezing Jackson’s hand and dancing my way to the middle of the floor.

Jackson was never much for dancing, but for me, he always did. He convinced himself he looked awkward and out of place, but I probably looked weirder than him. We had been going out for a few months, and I already could act like a fool in front of him, without a lick of alcohol in me. He even gave up drinking almost altogether because I could not.

For six songs, Jackson let me twirl around him. I let him take me back to the bar. I got an iced tea, and he ordered a Shirley Temple. “It matches your dress,” he laughed, holding his glass up to my torso.

“Do not spill it on me!!” I said, leaning backwards.

The bartender looked unamused, but everything with Jackson to me was fun. His smile intoxicated me like no one’s ever has. His idea of a fun date always changed: mini golfing, a carnival, indie concert…Once we went house hunting, just for the hell of it, and pretended to be different types of people at each open house. He kept me on my toes, and always made sure I felt safe.

“Now, I love this song,” he told me. “Ready for the next round?”

I clinked my empty glass on the counter. “Do you even half to ask?”

Not long after midnight, the club was sweltering, and we collided with hot bodies every other second. “Time to get out of here?” Jackson whispered in my ear.

Every inch of the sidewalk was soaked from the rain, but only a drizzle still fell. Like we were kids, Jackson and I made a game of how many puddles we could splash through. The only sounds were our laughter, the swish of water on the ground, and crickets in the trees.

My endorphins were running high, and music still played in my head. I could not help spinning away from Jackson and splashing through the puddles on the sidewalk. I started singing along. It did not matter that my shoes were soaking, my toes were freezing, and my hair tangled as I danced around. I could not remember being this happy.

It took me a minute to realize that Jackson sat down on a wooden park bench. He just smiled at me, and even in the cold, it warmed me up. “What?” I wondered.

“You have so much life in you.”

I skipped to the bench he was on and plopped myself down next to him. I planted a big kiss on his cold lips and pushed a piece of his brown hair back on top of his head. Because it was damp from the misty air, it fell right back down over his temple. He chuckled.

“I have a lot to be happy about, I guess.”

Before he could say another word, I got up to twirl away again along the pathway under the trees, singing again. I looked back at the young man who was still sitting on the park bench. “Aren’t you coming?” I winked and continued prancing through the puddles, sneaking a few glances at Jackson. His smile never faltered.

I may have been the one spinning in circles to imaginary music, but it was Jackson who was dancing away with my heart.

Hi, my name is Ashley, and I adore writing love stories. Not so keen on reading too many of them anymore, but writing them is so fun. I can see why there are so many love stories out there. I wanted to write this from a guy’s point of view, but I am not so great at it yet. Maybe I will rewrite this same story from Jackson’s point of view. I will mull it over.

I fell in love with this painting/photograph on the spot. I kind of wish I could be that girl. One day!

And I can’t wait to be back in San Luis Obispo this weekend!! “Recruitment School” begins on Monday, and as nervous as I am to girl-flirt my ass off, I am also really excited! Plus, I get to be an Orientation Leader, which means I get to spread the Cal Poly love to freshman with one of my very best friends. It has been one long summer for me, and I cannot wait to be back in the happiest city in America. I am even stoked for classes to start back up.

Been getting back into poetry and a bit of songwriting again! Mostly a few lyrics or a stanza, but it is a start. I have a lot on my mind lately, and I have been using all the outlets for it.

I got Five Guys (a burger joint that is the bomb dot com) last night. I was worried about it, but with every bite, I kept thinking the same thing: Missing out on good food like this is not worth an eating disorder. Nothing is worth an eating disorder.

I am feeling pretty good right now 🙂



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