State of Grace

These last few days have been one big, sweaty mess. And by that I mean that I am afraid to look in the mirror. Being outside for hours in high heels and dresses is not easy, but I would not trade it for anything. And that is all I will say about recruitment for now, as I do not want to give anything away.

The good news is: I am back in San Luis Obispo!! That is right, I am SLOme and loving it. I took the train up this past Sunday and have been trying to find time to update the blog. I do not have wifi right now where I am staying, so I have been going to Starbucks and Panera Bread the last few days and taking full advantage of the complimentary wifi. Now, though, I am sitting in the wonderful twenty-four hour donut shop, finishing my schedule for orientation, sending emails, and editing my novel. Life is pretty crazy, I must say.

Staying true to recovery has not been the easiest since returning to SLO. Finding time to eat with my busy schedule is so difficult. Most of the time, the clock strikes eight in the evening, and all I have had is water and a granola bar. I am famished! But I did manage to get a delicious waffle cone full of Rocky Road the other day. And like I said, I am in a donut shop as I write this. I hope none of you think for a minute I would walk in here and not get anything. It was quite the maple old-fashioned, and my tummy is happy 🙂

I rushed back to the counter, though, because they were stocked up on one of my favorites: apple fritters! Every time I come in, they are fresh out. I managed to scoop up the last one the day I left at the beginning of the summer. First trip back to this wonderful world of baked goods, and there they were, just waiting for me to purchase. But I must wait until morning to eat it.

I am also on the job hunt. The new iPhone comes out very soon, and I am due for an upgrade. A good twentieth birthday present to myself, right? I just need the money to pay for it. Professional Ashley is on the prowl!

Shout out to one of my sisters (nameless for now) who remembered how much I love writing and gave me the link to an application for a dream job! I will not say more than that now, but I am really excited about even having this opportunity.

Book Update: I am on my third revision, and it is coming along. Finding an agent and publisher is definitely my biggest struggle right now, but things may be looking up! I do not want to jinx anything, so knock on wood for me, but I think I have some good karma on me right now.

Still rocking and rolling on not enough sleep, and doing my very best to remember to nourish my body in more than just food-related ways.

Love, Ash ❤

PS Today marks fourteen years since the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. Never forget. I am saying a prayer for all those lives lost and for the ones still affected by this tragedy.


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