Live to Tell – Pretty Little Roomies Episode 1


So I have been working on Season Two for quite a while. I wanted to get it up some time over the summer, but I kept myself busy with work, Book 1, other book ideas, and focusing on my mental health. Writing is very good for my mental health, but this season has some of big issues that come into play, and it was difficult to write. It also took my a long time to decide on a theme for this one. I was stuck between Reclusion and Live to Tell. Finally, only a few weeks ago, I decided on the latter because it came with a more positive connotation.

This season takes a bit of a dramatic turn–not that it was not dramatic to begin with. I just hope I portrayed things correctly, or close to it. That is very important to me.

And we finally get to see who fell off the balcony! I have been so close to giving away to my friends if it ever comes up. It has been easier throughout the summer because I did not see anyone really who reads it.

Also, I would just like to reiterate: THIS IS FICTION. Just remember that. Some people do not. Let me know what you guys think!!

Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 1

He was motionless in the hospital bed. Lifeless, you could say. But the monitor beside the bed beeped steadily. His eyes stayed closed while his chest slowly rose and fell. But he wasn’t breathing on his own. The air smelled like disinfectant and latex gloves. It was almost sickening; but then again, hospitals always kind of were. It all came down to broken ribs, a shattered tibia, a dislocated shoulder, and an unknown amount of brain damage.

It could be worse. She could be at a funeral.

But she was here, seven days later, sitting with a boy in a coma. That was actually the least of her problems from Spring Break, but it was the one she had the most control over. So in an uncomfortable hospital chair she sat.

“You know that visiting hours are almost over, Megan, and you have school tomorrow,” said the nurse, who had come into the room to check his vitals. “And you’re not family, so technically you shouldn’t even be here.”

Megan knew as much, but she couldn’t gather the courage to leave just yet. “He was alone all break. I saw him fall.” Her voice faltered. “I should have been here all week.”

“Like I told you when they brought him in last weekend, it is not your fault.”

Megan thought back to the previous Sunday. A flashback of the incident ensued, and she winced. The nurse was right. It was an accident.

Or was it?

He was fighting with someone. She remembered hearing two voices echoing down the hall. But only one person ever came into view, and she didn’t hear anyone running away or closing doors. When the police questioned her, she told them about it, and they said they would look into it. Her memory was never the most reliable thing, so it was pretty much hopeless to think anything of it.

It was an accident.

“And his parents came a few times during the week,” the nurse told her, breaking her from her thoughts. “They just had other obligations as well.”

“So I have to be here.”

“Yes, but you don’t have to be here alone. He has other friends, and so do you. Why is it that you are the only one who has come to visit?”

Megan shrugged. “Everyone has been gone. I don’t even know if they heard about it. You’re as much social interaction I’ve had all weekend.” Not that I mind, she added in her head.

The nurse smiled and almost chuckled. “Well, you need more than a silly old nurse. This is your last quarter, and I want you to enjoy it. Promise me you won’t be holed up in this room until he wakes up. And he will wake up.”

Half of Megan’s mouth turned up. She had only known Nurse Kelly for a week, but she was already a good friend, despite being middle-aged. She had comforted the girl when she had first gotten to the hospital and cheered her up with funny stories of past patients. Then Megan left and had one hell of a Spring Break. Coming back to the sweet woman remedied her uneasiness. She had stayed positive throughout the whole process. Megan had even confided in her about what happened over the break.

“I believe you.”

“Good,” said Nurse Kelly. “Now, I hate to tell you this, but it’s time to go back to campus. Visiting hours are over, and the last bus leaves in less than ten minutes.”

Megan grabbed her bag and the coffee she had been nursing all afternoon. It was cold now. Before she walked out the door, she turned back to face the boy in the bed.

“Goodbye, Patrick.”


Marissa, Emily, and Amanda were pacing around their apartment, worried sick. They had all returned to campus that day, and their fourth roommate hadn’t been around at all. All of Megan’s things were in her room—there was even a bowl and spoon in the sink, unwashed. But no Megan.

“Where is she?” Emily wondered for about the tenth time.

Amanda sat down on the couch, then stood again a few seconds later. “I wish I knew. Why won’t she answer our texts?”

In that moment, Megan keyed into the apartment. Seeing all of them in the room with distraught expressions caught her off-guard. “Hi, guys. I didn’t know you were back yet. How was your break?”

“Where have you been?” Marissa asked.

Megan bit her lip. “At the hospital…”

All their jaws dropped. “Why?” Amanda exclaimed.

“Can we talk about this later, please? I am really tired, and I want to go to bed. Big day tomorrow.” She tired to walk past them down the hall, but Emily stopped her.

“Oh, no. You can wait for that,” she said. “Tell us why you were at the hospital all day.”

It was moot to avoid their demands. She heaved a sigh. “Did you guys hear about the guy that fell off the balcony last weekend?”

“Yes, of course,” Marissa replied.

Amanda added, “It wasn’t Jake was it? Please, don’t tell me it was Jake! I like that guy.”

Megan shook her head. “It wasn’t Jake.”

When she didn’t continue, Emily pressed, “Well?”

“Well, I saw it happen, okay!” Megan blurted in a raised voice, then covered her mouth. She didn’t mean to blow up on them. “I saw it happen,” she repeated, almost in a whisper.

Her roommates’ eyes widened. “What?” Amanda said in shock.

“And it was Patrick,” Megan stated.

If it was possible to be any more surprised, the girls were it. Megan let them stand there, and walked by them into her room. None of them followed, so she closed the door and fell face-first onto her bed.

The rest of the girls wanted to know more. They wanted to know everything. But the fourth member to their quartet was hurting and scared. She also needed space.

Emily walked shell-shocked to her own bedroom; she was the one seeing Patrick, and the news made a piece of her confident, rigid exterior chip away. This made her feel utterly awful about what she did over the break while she was in DC.

Marissa sat in the couch and pondered what Megan had just told her. This was big. And bad. Like, big and bad enough to make her house of sticks topple over. While she had been having a great time throughout the week in Salt Lake City with Jason and some friends, Patrick was in the hospital.

Amanda went to dinner on campus with Alexander, and he took immediate notice of her sullen facial expression. She told him it was nothing—not that he believed her. She assured him it had nothing to so with anything he did, and that she would tell him later. Trying to enjoy her pizza bagel was almost too difficult when she was thinking about the terrible condition Patrick must have been in.

Jake texted Megan, but she didn’t want to answer. They had talked every day until the end of the break. He had gone to Hawaii with his family, which made her extremely jealous. He snapchatted her pictures of perfect beaches, and she replied with reckless children who didn’t like to listen. Then Friday night happened, and she blocked out everybody.

Amanda had noticed that she was noticeably thinner than the previous week. Not only that, but her eyes were tired and there were dark circles under them. It was too prominent to not notice, but she didn’t want to say anything. At least, not yet. It was obvious that this whole event with Patrick was getting to her, and she would fight anything Amanda said. If it kept up, then she would speak up. She would have to just be supportive and help out in any way she could, starting with a Roomie Dinner, with Megan getting a slightly larger portion than the rest of them.

Observe and act was the plan. But that could wait. Now was the time for preparing for the quarter ahead.

Emily wanted to visit Patrick in the hospital, so she suggested a group trip to her roommates. It sounded like a good idea to all of them. Megan tried to reply with gusto, but she was totally worn out.

What a way to start Spring Quarter, huh?

As we start Fall Quarter 😉 Maybe we will skip some time later in the season or with next season. Or who knows? I guess, we will all find out in time.



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