Mustang Sally

Dear Quarter System,

I wish you started a little earlier. I have been having major Cal Poly withdrawals. Thank God school has started.

Love, Ashley


Yes, that’s right: I am now in my second year at Cal Poly! I am so pumped for this quarter, and I cannot wait to see where it takes me. I have been in SLO for a little more than two weeks now, but without going to class, I felt weird. I was, of course, majorly busy, so it was not a total loss.

I got to be an Orientation Leader for our Week of Welcome. I trained all of Spring Quarter, every Tuesday from seven to ten at night. While it was exhausting, and many people are regretting their choices, I have zero doubts that I did the right thing by becoming a leader. And even though my WOWies were not as into the whole “rip up your cool card” thing, I still love them, and I am pretty sure they love me, too.


Group 147 KEVIN, I am sorry we made you wake up kind of early, and basically forced you to attend some not-so-exciting presentations that seemed pretty pointless. However, I am not sorry that we dragged you to the top of a mountain for a fantastic view, made you kayak in sort of cold weather to see a gorgeous sunset, or jammed too many of you into a mini van for a fun day at the beach. I hope you never forget this experience, and that you have the time of your life here at Cal Poly.


It is crazy how much can change in one year, and I can only hope that all the new Mustangs fall as much in love with this place as I am.

Now that classes have started, my stress levels are going up, if that was even possible after WOW. Mostly, it is the textbooks that are worrying me. One of the ones I need is out of stock, and it is unique to my class. I am freaking out a little bit, but I am trying to convince myself to stay calm. Things will work out, and they are ordering more books. My professor has one on reserve from the library, so I will mostly likely be there tomorrow with my nose buried in it.

I am so stoked for my classes this year, so far, and I have a class with one of my WOWies! It is only a one hour class that meets once a week, but it is still awesome.

Recruitment begins this week as well! Which is another thing pushing my stress levels up. I am beyond excited to go through it all, this time from the inside, but that does not mean I am not freaking out. All the logistics that go into this are crazy! It will, of course, work out, I have full faith. A bunch of my WOWies are rushing, and I am so pumped for them to find their homes! Vanessa is rushing, as well, and I cannot wait to see where she ends up. She is so nervous, but she is awesome, so she has nothing to worry about.


I am doing my best to stay positive about everything, even though I am internally freaking out. A positive attitude can change a lot of things, so that is what I am doing. I WILL do well in my classes. We WILL find perfect New Members (as well as every other house, because they all rock). I WILL not panic about food so often. I WILL be a better person. I WILL always strive to live a full and happy life.

Being optimistic is key.

Can’t wait to fill this year with all the best memories 🙂



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