Live to Tell – PLR Episode 2

Got some good feedback about last week’s episode, which was awesome!! I have waited for so long to share this with y’all, so I hope you like it.

Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 2

Amanda sat in her biology class with Thomas and Lilly, talking about what happened to Patrick. By now, everyone had heard about the accident and who the unlucky SOB was. Emily’s identity as his illicit maybe-almost-girlfriend was still mostly unknown, but it wasn’t news that Megan was the one to see him fall. In her mind, Amanda thanked her lucky stars that her only ties to Patrick were through her roommates. But because of that, she wanted to do anything she could to help Emily and Megan through this.

“It’s just so weird, you know?” Lilly said. “I mean, crazy stuff happens, but people don’t just fall off of three-story balconies.”

Thomas wondered, “You don’t think it was…suicide, do you?”

Amanda couldn’t say the thought hadn’t crossed her mind. “Honestly, I have no clue. He had a lot to be sad about, but I don’t think he would go as far to kill himself.”

“I agree,” Lilly said. “But it sure is puzzling. Has Megan talked about it at all?”

Amanda shook her head. Her roommate had actually barely spoken to any of them since they got back. Of course, it had only been two days, but she was usually the most talkative of the whole bunch. None of the girls could get more than a few words out of her, and none of them could get any food into her.

“It really hit her hard,” Amanda said. “And it might be too soon to suggest this, but I think she might need to go to counseling. She needs to talk about what happened, and if not with us, than someone who is trained to listen.”

“Wait a little bit longer,” Thomas said. “She needs to get back into the groove of things. Let’s have taco night at my place tonight!”

“Megs does love a good Taco Tuesday,” Lilly pointed out.

It was a good idea; plus, it would get some food into her. Amanda said she would talk to her after class, and let them know. But for now, it was time to get back to biology.


Meanwhile, Emily and Megan were taking advantage of visiting hours at the hospital. This was the first Emily had seen Patrick since before Spring Break; she winced when she saw how lifeless he looked. Nothing like this had ever happened to her. This was actually the first time she had really visited someone in the hospital.

Patrick was thinning quickly, and his olive skin was paling. There were bags under his eyes the size of Texas, and there were bruises all over his body, along with bandages and casts. He was so broken and fragile-looking.

Come to think of it, Megan didn’t look too different. She didn’t have the casts or gauze, but she was pale and thin, as well. Not scary-looking enough to worry Emily yet, but enough that it was easily noticeable. Amanda had expressed her concerns Sunday night to Emily, and now it was all she could notice. She offered Megan food any chance she got, but the girl wouldn’t take it.

But Emily knew Megan was eating something, at least. Late Sunday night, when Emily was compiling a to-do list and calendar for the quarter, she heard her roommate wandering around the apartment. In the morning, she noticed a new bowl and spoon in the drying rack. It wasn’t much, but it was something.

Her attention turned back to the boy in the hospital bed. She held his hand and hoped he would squeeze back—anything to tell her he was okay. Sadly, his fingers stayed limp.

“Why did you do this?” she whispered to him, her voice barely audible. All she wanted was for him to say something back.

In the pit of her stomach, Emily was aching. She had a little too much fun during her trip to Georgetown over the break. She and Patrick weren’t anything more than friends with benefits, so she didn’t let that phase her. She thought about him, of course, but not enough to let it bother her. She thought he would be doing the same thing.

Now she knew otherwise.

The nurse treating him tiptoed into the room. “Megan, may I see you, please?”

Megan’s face turned white—whiter than Emily thought possible, since she had already lost color—and followed the woman out of the room. Emily wondered what they were talking about. She thought about getting up to eavesdrop, but she didn’t want to let go of Patrick’s hand.

The girl tried her best to breathe evenly, counting in her head. Inhale, three beeps on the heart monitor. Exhale, three beeps again. As long as she could focus, everything would be okay. She sat alone in the room for a long time, so long she lost track of it. Suddenly, it was time to return home.

Amanda had texted the group about Taco Tuesday at Thomas’ place. It sounded like a good idea. She asked Megan if she had seen the message.

“Yeah,” she replied quietly, sitting at the bus stop.

“We should totally go,” Emily prodded.

Megan shrugged and nodded her head. Was that a yes? A no?

Nurse Kelly walked into the room. “Megan, may I see you for a moment?” she asked, a serious look in her eyes.

Megan silently exited the room. Her sneakers didn’t even make a sound as she followed the woman.

Emily wondered what the nurse wanted to tell her friend. Anything that had to do with Patrick, she wanted to know, too. Maybe it was a witness thing. She couldn’t help but wonder what it must have been like to be the sole witness. To be any witness at all.

Shaking off the thought, she turned back to Patrick. “Please, wake up soon.”

Emily didn’t know if it was just her imagination or not, but she could swear he weakly squeezed her hand, just for a split second. She didn’t say anything, for fear that it didn’t really happen, but she let herself hope.

Nurse Kelly reentered the room and said that it was time to go. Megan was going to stay to be analyzed by a psychiatrist, so she would not be leaving with her roommate.

“Well, is she okay?”

The nurse nodded. “Of course. This is her choice, and we will make sure she returns home safely.”

The fourth roommate stayed at the hospital for so long that she missed Taco Tuesday. She didn’t come home until late, and dodged everyone’s questions. Amanda offered her a leftover taco that Thomas had saved.

“Thank you,” Megan said, and ate it in her room. She was white as a sheet, but didn’t give any explanation as to why she had been at the hospital for hours.

As much as the girls wanted to worry about their roommate, they also had work to do. It may have only been the second day of classes, but college on the quarter system worked fast. They had to work faster. And they had to help Megan through whatever Patrick’s fall had done to her in the most supportive way possible.

The next morning, before Marissa and Megan went off to their eight o’clock class together, Megan thanked her roommates for being so helpful. At the lecture, Jake sat in the seat next to her.

“Hey, Megan! I didn’t know you were in this class. I didn’t see you on Monday.”

Megan tried to smile. “I came in a little late. It was a rough week.”

“What did you do?”

“I worked, but that was all. Nothing exciting. What about you?”

He told her about how his parents surprised him and his sister with tickets to Hawaii. They stayed at the Disney resort there. He told her about paddle boarding and surfing and snorkeling. It sounded like a dream.

She liked listening to his stories and hearing about how sunburned her got by the pool. It helped her try to forget her own Spring Break. Marissa noticed the smile talking to him got out of her, and took note of it. She missed her friend’s grin and squinty eyes.

After class, Jake walked home with Megan, while Marissa left campus to hang out at Jason’s. He was in class still, but her homework was there.

Later, when Jason made his way home, he told Marissa that he felt like having tacos for a late lunch. Even though she had eaten some the previous night, she went right to chopping up meat and lettuce. She wanted him to grate some cheese for the tacos, but he was already engrossed in a video game.

Marissa mentioned off-handedly that she was worried about Megan and the whole incident with Patrick.

He didn’t answer at first. “What?” he finally said.

“Nothing…never mind.”

“Is the food done yet?”

“The meat just started cooking, so not yet.”

Jason didn’t say anything after that, so Marissa kept working in the kitchen. By the time she finished, her boyfriend was restless and hungry, but she had to go back to campus for her next class.

“You’re leaving?”

“Yes, I have chem.”

“Okay, bye. I’ll see you later.”

She went to class, then returned to her boyfriend’s apartment later that night. The kitchen was still messy from when she made lunch, and Jason’s dishes sat in the sink. Almost automatically, she started washing them and cleaning the counter.

Emily texted her, wondering if she wanted to go to the event Matty was holding in the Community Center in their complex. She quickly responded, saying she had a lot of homework, and continued with the dishes.

Emily and Amanda went alone to the event, as Megan closed herself up in her room again. When the two girls got back, they thought they heard her whimpering behind the closed door. Emily wanted to knock, but Amanda thought it would be better not to. It was obvious that the girl just wanted to sort herself out without any help.

But if she didn’t reach out to them soon, there would be a problem.

So happy to be back, and so happy to blog some more! Regular posts are still a bit of ways away because I need to get back into my groove. Plus, recruitment. So stoked!

Now, time to listen to some Justin Timberlake and try and get over the anxiety of how many books I just had to buy. Six for one class, one for another. Plus another is still needed. I am sorry, bank account. Hopefully, I can feed you soon.



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