Sorority Girl

Goooooood morning, lovely readers! I am taking a week hiatus of PLR to update you on the wonderful night I had last night.

Initially, I was nervous about recruitment. No matter what my friends say, I still think I am super awkward in many social situations. Plus, put me in heels on a grassy, hilly lawn, and bad things are bound to happen. I questioned whether or not it was a good idea to let me anywhere near potential new members. But my awesome Big convinced me to go through with it. Natasha, thank you.

House Tours were hard. Heels hurt. The sun beat down on us like its life depended on it. For two days.

Sisterhood Day was equally stressful. I had not danced in heels since high school. But I did it (thanks, show choir).

Philanthropy Day was the hump. My dress had the deepest V I had ever let touch my body. But I looked gooooooood, just saying.

Pref Night was spectacular. Roses, lemonade, sisters, tears. Unforgettable.

And it was all so worth it to get our New Members. I have no regrets.

Bid Night 2015

The excitement is so freaking real. I am bursting with joy at our absolutely wonderful Beta Delta pledge class. BURSTING. The Beta Gammas could barely keep it together.


Welcoming our new Rosebuds home was just as crazy awesome as being welcomed home last year. We came running, cheering, screaming. I could not be happier.

The two ladies I pref-ed Monday night received and accepted their bids, and I am jumping for joy. I am so happy that they decided to make my home theirs too. I can only hope that they find all the love and happiness that I did. I mean, they totally will because I will give it to them. I am low-key obsessed. They are just two of the most adorable people I have ever met. Love you, Mackenzie and Anna! ❤


The night’s theme was beach-y California. We had beach balls and shells and the cutest decor. And tacos. TACOS. They were bomb. Plus, there was an ice cream truck that I made quite a few trips to. My inner-child was quite pleased. Mads and I bought sombreros to wear because why the hell not? It made it so much easier to find each other when we needed to. And now I have a sombrero if I ever need it.

Late night me is craving chips and guac right about now…sadly, though, I do not have any.

Lizzie and I were oh-so-fortunate to welcome our WOWie Mackenzie to our sisterhood. From the beginning, we knew she would be a perfect addition to our chapter. I was lucky enough to pref her Monday night, and if I did not love her when she was just my WOWie, I sure love her now that she is my sister.


One year ago, I met some of the most wonderful people. They welcomed me into their lives with open arms, and I have never felt more loved and accepted in my life. With my wonderful sisters at my sides, I have made such amazing memories that I will cherish forever. Words cannot quite explain how much of an impact the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi have had on me. I am happier than I ever was. I am healthier than I ever was. I do not have chances to think about my depression or my eating disorder. Those thoughts come around, but I have zero time to dwell on them because I am being swept away on an adventure with my best friends.

Lucky does not come close to describing my life. From feeling worthless and not good enough to never wondering if someone has my back, AOII has helped me grow into a new woman. And there is not just someone to have my back, there are over two hundred. It might be cliche to talk about sisterhood and having countless friends, but that is exactly how this sorority makes me feel. I am bonded to these girls for the rest of my life, and I have no complaints. Our house, our sisterhood, our philanthropy all mean the world to me. Pulling out The Bachelor‘s favorite word: these are the most genuine women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

The stereotype that comes with being a sorority girl has quite a few negative connotations, but it also comes with the best connotations. Sure, we have our downs, but the ups surpass every mean word people can say about us. Sure, blame St. Fratty’s on us, criticize our methods, make us all seem like “dumb blonde bitches.” At the end of the day, we know what the truth is, and there is nothing anyone can say to change that.


Alpha Omicron Pi has changed my life forever, and I adore all my sisters.

ALAM, Ashley ❤



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