Eat It

Happy October, everybody!!

Procrastinating on my homework to bring you the definitive ranking of my favorite donuts. This is a post I can define as a “win” as far as my eating disorder goes.

The Strawberry Frosted


Honestly, why I only started eating this one a few years ago is beyond me. Pink is my favorite color, so you would think I would pounce on this one. Nope. But with one taste, I fell in love.

Add chocolate chips, and it is like a Neapolitan dream.

The Chocolate Frosted

It is a glazed donut with chocolate frosting. Where can you go wrong? The answer is: you can’t. This is a highly underrated donut because it is such a commonality. Often times, it is overlooked because people want to try something new or they want to stick with the classic Old-Fashioned.

This one is a classic all its own.

The Crumb Donut

This one I was reluctant to try for a long time, and I am not sure why. But once I got a taste, there was no turning back. I mean, how can you possibly do without a donut covered in donut bits? It is double, triple, quadruple the delicious-ness.

The Buttermilk Bar

It has the word “butter” in it. There is no messing with this one. Plus, they come plain, chocolate covered, maple covered, and more. Is there anything better? Not really.

The Blueberry

It is hard to believe that this being my dad’s all-time favorite, I have only just recently tried it. They are a hit at the donut shop near my house, and were always out of stock. In fact, until a year or so ago, I did not even know these existed. But boy, has my life been changed. It is like a blueberry pancake, but better.

The Glazed Old-Fashioned

You can never go wrong with such a classic. Really. I have yet to come across a person who will say no to one of these. A definite yes.

The Apple Fritter

Need I say more? It is like apple pie, but you do not need a fork. This one is a favorite in SLO, so you have to get them while they are fresh, or there will be no more. I jump at the chance whenever they are in stock. I am absolutely obsessed.

And the winner is…

The All-Holy Maple Bar

I am not sure I even have words to describe this one. There has just always been the most special place in my heart for a maple bar. It is like eating pancakes with a fraction of the mess! The only problem is that whenever I get one at home, my mom insists on “taking a bite,” which actually means eating half of it.

And there you have my favorite donuts. I am now craving eat and every one of these, which means I must make a trip to SloDoCo as soon as possible. I will spend the rest of the day thinking about these, and I hope you will, too. Go enjoy one. If you have not tried one or more of these, I suggest you do! The blueberry is a hidden gem, I swear.

Now I must get back to reading Medieval literature. Sounds fun, right? Yeah well, I picked the major, so I cannot complain. I mean, I am still dreaming about Bid Night and all of our wonderful new members, so I should not complain about anything.

The Little Hunt commences!!



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