Live to Tell – PLR Episode 3

Yay, it’s back! Shout out to my readers and the people who make this series so special to me.

Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 3

If she didn’t know any better, Megan would think this professor was crazy. But she did know better, and she still thought he was crazy. She tried to tune out his tangent and scrolled through her Instagram feed.

Jake leaned over, “You are missing a very boring lecture about socialism versus capitalism, you know.”

“Oh, I know.” Half of her mouth turned up. “But is it still boring if I do not listen?”
“Well, are pictures of Harry Styles more interesting?”


“Would getting coffee with me after class be even more interesting?”

Both sides of her lips turned up this time. “Definitely.”
The two hour lecture seemed endless, but Jake made Megan laugh by poking fun at the professor. After leaving the hall, the two of them walked to the Starbucks on campus, and Jake treated her to coffee.

There was not much lately that kept Megan from hiding out in her bedroom, but spending time with Jake helped her to forget why she did not want to face the world. And if she was not huddled underneath blankets, she was at the hospital, sometimes with Patrick, sometimes with Nurse Kelly discussing her options.

The nurse pressed Megan to tell the other roommates what was going on, but the girl was afraid. She knew no one would be more supportive than her roommates. Megan was ashamed of her Spring Break, though. She should have been focusing on work or school. She should have been keeping tabs on Patrick. She should have been enjoying her week off, just like everyone else. But she wasn’t doing any of those things, and the judgment from everyone else terrified her.

“Megan,” Jake sang. “I think I lost you there for a second. Are you okay?”

Megan snapped away from her thoughts. “Yes, just…thinking.”

“You do that a lot now, huh? What are you thinking about?”

She pursed her lips. “Nothing, really. School, mostly. And money. I need to get a job this quarter, and maybe stay here over the summer.”

“That would be cool. Where are you thinking about applying?”

“Maybe downtown somewhere.”

Jake offered to go with her later in the week to pick up applications, and she graciously accepted. Being around the boy made Megan a little nervous, and the not-so-fun adventures of Spring Break haunted her, but he was too sweet to pass up.


“I just saw Megs and Jake at Starbucks,” Amanda said to Emily when she found her roommate in the gym locker room. “She was laughing and smiling.”

“How come she doesn’t do that with us?” Emily wondered.

Great question, Amanda thought.

“Are you ready to sweat?” Emily asked. “You will love this class, I promise.”

Amanda let Emily convince her to tag along to this exercise class she raved about. The two girls walked into the studio and picked up weights, medicine balls, and yoga mats. Within a few minutes, the instructor called the class to begin and played an upbeat song. For an hour, they did a mix of aerobics, pilates, yoga, and zumba.

Emily excitedly followed along. Amanda did, too, but she worked a little bit more slowly. She wondered how it was so easy for her roommate to keep up. She decided she just had to keep taking the class, and soon she would be able to glide through it.

Back in the locker room, Emily brought up their other roommate. “I don’t think I have seen Marissa in, like, three days. I mean, at all.”

“I don’t think I have either…” Amanda replied. “But I’m sure Megan has seen her in class. I did see Jason the other day, but no Marissa.”

“I do not like this. Or him. I know some of Jason’s friends, and I do not hear good things about their relationship.”

“Like what?” Amanda asked, wiping her face with a towelette.

“Just that she cleans his room and cooks for him,” Emily explained. “I don’t know if he makes her do it or if she just does it, but she never seemed like the type of person to do that kind of thing for a guy she has only been dating for, like, two months.”

“That is not okay.”

Emily agreed wholeheartedly. And not just because she did not like relationships much in general. She cared too much about her roommate to let her get herself into something like this with someone who does not treat her how she should be treated.

“Are you heading home?” Amanda asked.

“Yes,” Emily answered. “I am hoping to squeeze in a visit with Patrick before my evening class.”

“Okay, I am going to stay for a little bit longer. Let me know how he is.”

“I will!”

Em walked back to her apartment quickly to shower and change. She picked up her books and laptop and was off to the hospital. Patrick remained still, but he had more color than she had seen on her previous visits.

While sitting with him, she highlighted notes in her textbook. Music from the radio played quietly in the background. Normally, Emily craved more life in her study sessions, but the time ran away with her. Her class time came and passed without her even realizing it.

“Shit,” she mumbled under her breath. She wanted to be better about not missing class this quarter. So far, her attendance was questionable. “Tomorrow, I will be on time.”

So she continued to study. She already had a midterm next week that she had to prepare for. Visiting hours were winding down, and Emily had to leave soon. Just one more chapter, then she would say goodbye.

About five pages in, one of Emily’s favorite songs started playing. She closed her eyes and bopped her head to the beat.

“Can you turn that up a little bit?” A very crackled and hoarse voice whispered.

Emily’s head perked up and her eyes widened. “Patrick! Oh, my God! Wait, don’t move, let me get the nurse.”

The girl slid out of the room and grabbed Nurse Kelly, shrieking, “He’s awake, he’s awake!”

The nurse hurriedly followed Emily into the room and to check out the young man. Patrick was extremely confused by everything, and the nurse knew they had to start from the beginning. She politely asked Emily to leave.

“He finally wakes up, and I am supposed to leave?” she cried. “Excuse me, but I need to be here. I need to know what happened.”

Nurse Kelly tried to reason with her, but she was adamant. Finally, Patrick stepped in. “Em, it is okay. You can come back tomorrow.”

As a girl who was used to winning, she was reluctant to give in. But she left the hospital, calling Megan on the way.

“Hi, Em,” Megan said, sounding sad, but definitely not as dejected as usual.

“Patrick is awake! He is awake!”

On the other end, Megan nearly dropped her cell phone. She was obviously relieved, as she felt partly responsible for the whole ordeal. Of course, it was not her fault, but that did not stop her from thinking otherwise. “I have to see him,” she stated.

“The nurse kicked me out. But we can come back tomorrow. I only have a class in the morning, and I know you don’t have any.”

“Of course, I will come to hospital with you. I have not been in a few days, and I definitely want to see Patrick now that he is not unconscious.”

Emily thought her word choice was weird. Megan did not sound excited, she sounded…afraid? There was more to the story, and now Patrick could help them piece together that night. Finally, they were going to figure out what happened.

No afterthoughts other than I’d love to hear what y’all think! I know this ending was a bit of a let down or a relief, depending on who you are. You know who you are. ‘Til next time!


PS You are reading the blog of the girl who has successfully added a History minor. It’s about damn time.


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