Live to Tell – PLR Episode 5

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Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 5

“How was dinner the other night?” Alexander asked.

“It was a lot of fun! We made pizzas with Cheetos and ate ice cream and stuff.” Amanda hoped he couldn’t tell that she was leaving a whole bunch of information out.

“That is great!” he cheered. “Are we getting fun-loving Megan back then?”

Biting her lip, she replied, “Slowly but surely, I think.”

He took a big bite of his tri-tip sandwich and chewed with satisfaction. It had been a while since he ate real, off-campus food. “We could hear you guys crying all the way from our apartment,” he said, chuckling. “Were you guys watching The Notebook, or something?”

Amanda’s eyes grew wide, but she immediately brought them back to normal-size. “Um, yeah…or something.”

Thankfully, Alexander changed the subject to Brad’s latest drunken adventures. Streaking through Greek Row, an activity that they had all been anticipating for a while now. One of the cops patrolling nearby saw him and chased him for six blocks. Brad finally disappeared by jumping into the dumpster behind the Kappa Tau house. Paranoia took over and he sat there for almost forty-five minutes underneath a trash bag full of leftover food. And frat boy leftovers are not pretty. He proceeded to steal the Kappa Tau flag and run back to campus with it.

The house was on total alert, looking for the perp who stole such a prized and valued emblem (yeah, okay). Somehow, he managed to put it through the laundry and return it within twenty-four hours without being caught, all while fighting a nasty hangover. Of all the stupid things Brad had done so far this year, this was one she might admit only to Alexander she was proud of.

“And to think I was at the library with Megan and missed it,” she said.

Freshman year shenanigans were starting to get interesting. Actually, interesting might be an understatement at this point, Amanda thought to herself. She wondered if this kind of drama was normal, because the only place she thought all of this ever happened was on Degrassi.


It had been a few days since Megan’s big confession. This was a secret that they all needed to keep. From everyone. They decided that it would not be spoken about, not even in Roomie Recap. However, should the need arise for the subject to be mentioned, they came up with a code word for it. It came to be known as “The Guam Thing,” whatever that meant.

Soon, Megan was going in for an ultrasound. After that, major decisions had to be made. Growing up, Megan had always been pro-life—for herself, anyway. She could never imagine taking even the smallest and undeveloped of lives out of her body. Now, she was uneasy about it all. An abortion was so drastic, and she hated to run the risk of becoming sterile because of it.

She knew she could never keep the baby, either. She was not ready for that yet. But going through with the pregnancy meant she had to tell her parents. That terrified her.

Nurse Kelly told the girl she should tell them about it either way. They deserved to know about her rape, and they would help her make the proper decision. “I know it is hard, Megan, but you are so strong. You can do this,” she had said.

The other hard part was the emotional side. Being around parties brought about a new kind of fear in Megan. She refused to go to any of them. In fact, she could not bring herself to speak more than a few words to any boys besides Thomas, Alexander, Brad, or Jake. Johnny and Antonio were puzzled as to why she was avoiding them.

Megan spent a lot of her time in her room and alone in the library, but now that her friends knew why she was isolating herself, they were more lenient. Marissa, Amanda, and Emily lightly pressed her to open up. Cutting them off would not be conducive to any sort of recovery. She had never been open about her emotions before, so it was not easy to start now.

Patrick, on the other hand, was recovering quite nicely from his fall. The only thing he was really worried about at this point was catching up on schoolwork. Emily was in to visit him often, bringing in his books and assignments. Finding time to do them was the hard part, he had told her. Physical therapy kept him rather busy.

“Em, I have to tell you something…” Patrick whispered, looking up from his notes, which he had not touched off minutes.

Emily glanced up from her laptop at him. He had forgotten her name when she walked in this afternoon, and it often took him a minute to remind himself of it even when she had been there for an hour. His memory slipped quite a bit. She was happy he did not seem to hesitate this time.

“I didn’t just fall off the balcony.”

Emily’s eyes grew, and she slammed her computer shut. “Excuse me?”

“Someone else was there that night. Megan wasn’t imagining it.”

“Patrick, who is it? Do you remember?”

He pursed his lips. “I sort of remember her face, but I can’t think of her name.”

It was a girl? Emily pressed for more. “Was she one of the residents? I can show you pictures of everyone and you can point her out to me when you see her,” Emily said rapidly, opening her laptop again. “Oh, my God, we need to call the police and tell them or something!

“Oh, my God, it’s Whitney, isn’t it?” She exclaimed before Patrick could reply. “It makes perfect sense! She was the one who made the Facebook profile, and she was mad that it got you fired instead of breaking us up—I mean, not that we were really together, of course—but it is her, it has to be!”

“Emily, slow down. Wait, who is Whitney?”

“You don’t remember?”

“Maybe? It all sounds familiar, but like a dream I had, or something.”

Before either of them could say anything more, Nurse Kelly knocked and entered the room, telling Patrick it was time for his next physical therapy session. Emily argued with her, saying she was not finished talking to Patrick, but the nurse was adamant. Emily promised herself she would return the next day and find out more.

She was dying to tell the others about what Patrick told her, but since she did not have all the information she wanted, she kept her lips sealed. She cared a lot about Patrick—not like a boyfriend, of course—and she wanted to get justice for him. If someone else was involved, especially if it was Whitney, she needed to know. That person (Whitney) could be a danger to more than just him. She (Whitney) could be a psychopath and want to hurt others.

If Emily would tell anyone, it would be Megan. All this time, Megan was beating herself up for more than just her rape, but also being the only one to see Patrick fall off the balcony. Except now, she was not the sole witness. Someone else (Whitney!) was there. She wanted to tell Megan that she was not crazy, but the girl had enough on her plate right now, and certainly did not need another thing to worry about.

The next day, when Emily went to the hospital again, she showed Patrick a dozen pictures of Whitney, and repeatedly asked, “Are you sure it is not her?” Despite his memory lapses and still questionable motor skills, he seemed positive.

“I think I would be sure after more than a few pictures, Em. I was not with her. I have thought a lot about it, and I do not think I have really spoken to or seen her since the Facebook fiasco,” Patrick told her.

Emily slumped in her plastic cushioned chair next to his bed. Well, if Whitney was not there, then who was? She did not like not knowing the answers to questions like this, and she surely did not like not having accurate gossip information.

“I am really tired, Em. I think I am going to take a nap, okay?”

She sighed. “Okay. I will see you soon.”

Walking away from the hospital with Megan, who had just finished a therapy session, Emily’s mind raced from possibility to possibility. She ran through all the female faces she had come across so far this year, and cross referenced them with the ones that lived in their complex, as well as those she had seen interact—or would interact—with Patrick. She certainly did not want to be in the position to potentially be pushed off of a balcony—since he never really specified the terms of the fall, but it was a solid assumption—and she did not want anyone else to be either.

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