Monster Mash

Today is a rainy day in SLO, and I am absolutely loving it. Rainy and cloudy days are like drugs for my creativity. Also my happiness. It is the perfect start to Post-Halloweekend Week, aka November.

I mentioned last year that Halloween is HUGE in the college world. Last year, I partook in such activities, but I only half-assed them. This year, while my costumes were near-carelessly put together, I took to hanging out with my friends every night.


I don’t have a picture of my outfit for this day, but I wore a cute flannel and borrowed my friend’s cowboy hat and some boots. It was easy.

We went to our favorite frat satellite (which I will not give the name for because privacy), and danced the night away. I always have so much fun when I am there. I can tell you that it is because of the people I am with, but the house has a great table for dancing on 😉 That is a plus.


Halloween Eve-Eve! I dressed as an army brat. With converse though because I seem to have forgotten my combat boots at home! Twas truly a sad realization.


Once again, we headed out for our favorite house, but it was not for a night party. On the West Coast, we call them day-gers, like a day rager, but on the East Coast they are referred to as a “darty,” as in a day party. I’m not sure which term I like better yet.

I fill up my red solo to the brim with water, which gave my friends quite a laugh. Hey, if you are going to sober, you have to sober right!

After a while, I drove my friends to Chipotle for the $3 BOO-rrito night. I ended up wanting Panera, which was right next door. As it turns out, it was not actually Halloween, so the burritos were full price. Wait, what? Yes, folks, we completely mixed up the days.

When we returned to the house later for their night party–or just their party, I guess–it was a smaller affair. We were also exhausted from earlier, so we did not stay too late. Good for my sleep schedule!


Actual Halloween! My costume: Jose (to my friends’ Cuervos)


Ya know, just because I do not drink, does not mean I cannot partake in alcoholic costumes. This one was fun and got the best reactions out of people. Plus, I got to wear my sombrero. I love that thing.

To mix things up, we tried to hit another frat’s party before heading to our usual place. Too bad that place was all full. So over the hill and down a few blocks we ventured. This time, it was invite-only (for the most part). I, for one, was exhausted at this point, and so were two of my friends, so Charlie and the Chocolate Factory won out–at least, until we all knocked out fifteen minutes in.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year. It was a story written for this holiday that made me realize that I wanted to be a writer. That is pretty life-changing, if you ask me. So October 31st has a very special place in my heart.

I definitely did not watch enough scary movies this season, so I will fill up my time from now until Thanksgiving with quite a few. Sleepy Hollow made for a perfect Halloween treat, as I watched it right before heading off to Party Day 3, and Sunday night I watched my favorite one, which is finally on Netflix: The Others. Seriously, I fell on the ground after I saw it and hurt my butt. 100% worth it though. It still scares the pee out of me.

But alas, the week begins and I must get back to my daily grind…or at least, as close to a daily grind as a college student can get. I mean, two days a week I start classes at noon, and the other two have me out of class at noon. And no class on Fridays. What is a routine??

Best of luck to you and November! And to my brother who is touring colleges in Texas. No, come to Cal Poly, Mitch, it’s the best.

Plus, Big/Little Week has begun! Can’t wait for Reveal on Friday!!



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