West End Girls

It is raining in SLO today (yay!!) so I have got the writing bug. Bringing you a WriteWorld prompt–after coming up with ideas for many of the prompts recently.

What she really needed was a strong cup of coffee.

What she really needed was a strong cup of coffee…and to spend the night in the library. She had only been in London for a few weeks, but she was already drowning in readings and papers. Alas, she accepted an invitation from her friends to meet at the pub tonight.

“What can I get for you?” the bartender asked.

She thought for a moment. “May I see your wine list?”

He whipped it out from behind the counter and placed it in front of her. “I will be back in a minute, then,” he said, smiling.

The girl’s eyes glazed over the list. She was looking for her favorite white, but happily settled for the house red. As she took her first sip, a text popped up from her friends, telling her they would not be able to make it out tonight. She sighed.

“Wine? Wow, you look very fit for a woman over forty,” a voice said next to her. She turned to look at where it came from.

To a young man in his mid-twenties with short, slicked-back brown hair, milky skin, and a bit of stubble growing from his chin–who looked oddly familiar–she replied, “Oh, I have a good botox guy.”

He laughed at her joke, and she followed. “Chris,” he said, holing out his hand to her.

“Clara.” She shook it firmly. A good handshake made for a good first impression, and so far, he was doing a great job of it.

“American, I hear. What brings you across the pond?”

She took another sip from her glass and answered, “I am taking a semester abroad.”

“What are you studying?”

“English and History.”

He looked impressed, which was new. She came from a primarily science-based university, and often was looked down on for her field choice. Chris told her that he had studied theatre and was now doing his share of acting.

Tilting her head, she suddenly knew where she had seen him before. Her brother had forced her to watch a film he had seen in one of his classes a few years back. It was not a huge success in America, but it was rather popular in Britain. Chris had been the star.

Instead of letting on she knew of him, Clara smirked. “Is that supposed to impress me?”

Chris smiled. “A little bit, yeah.” Then he changed the subject. “I must say, though, you have been sitting here alone, so either you are meeting someone or you are fantastically good at flying solo.”

“The latter is very true, but I was supposed to meet two of my friends tonight. They bailed on me, though,” she told him.

Chris took this opportunity to swoop on her plans. “Well, would you like to see the town from someone who knows it like the back of their hand?”

She slid in another joke. “Oh, do you know someone like that? Can I meet him?”

He chuckled. “Yeah, he is a great guy! Come with me and I will introduce you.”

Clara drained the last bit of wine in her glass, while Chris did the same with his beer. She followed him out of the pub, slightly confused. He stopped right outside in the cold, London air and wrapped his scarf another time around his neck. He looked at his reflection in the window of the pub and said, “There he is!”

Clara had to laugh, and Chris continued, “But it he is looking a little transparent right now, so I suppose I will have to fill in. Is that cool?”

“Take it away!” she chirped. And they were off.

She was glad she had not chosen the library. That her friends cancelled. That she chose this pub. Because it set her on a whirlwind adventure through the wet streets of London, into cabs that took her up and down brightly lit streets, up to the top of the world in the London Eye, in front of Buckingham Palace failing to make the guards show emotion, and trying to sneak into backstages at West End.

It even led her into the arms of one British actor who liked to spoil the girl he fancied. She couldn’t have picked a better city to study in.

Hm, a “meet cute.” I kind of had a dream about this sort of thing happening to me when I go abroad. Because now I might not be going to Scotland, but maybe London! Maybe Ireland…I am not so sure anymore. Regardless, Europe, I am coming for you.

Have a happy Tuesday!



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