Live to Tell – PLR Episode 8

Apologies for the lateness of this post. Last night was just a whirlwind, and I was out like a light before I could schedule it. But more on that later. Now, let’s see what our Pretty Little Roomies are up to.

Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 8

Emily was hiding underneath piles of textbooks and notes. She was more than overwhelmed with finals week about to start, but she still managed to point out how stupid it was that Jason refused to take Marissa out on a real date.

“I mean, have you even been out to dinner?” she asked. And as Marissa inhaled to retort a yes, Emily added, “That was a real restaurant, not fast food or take out.”

Marissa slumped back in her seat. “That’s just not the kind of couple we are.”

“I totally get that, and you know how I hate relationships, but you can’t even consider yourself a real couple if you have never even been on an actual date. Even I have been on one of those.”

“I guess you’re right, Em.”

“Of course, I am.”

Brad and Nina sat down at their table. Nina was ranting about a girl who was “totally trying to break them up in the most backhanded and home-wrecking way.”

“She is not,” Brad replied. With a glare from Nina, he changed his answer. “Okay, she definitely is, but you know I won’t fall for it.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t want to rip her smug little face off.”

Marissa stepped in. “Wow, Nina, I would hate to be on your bad side.”

She smirked. “I’m really a nice person! I just hate people who think they can pull a fast one on me.”

Marissa made a mental note to never do that, not that she could think of anyway she could do as such. Her mind wandered to how she could get Jason to take her to dinner this Saturday. He would moan and groan about finals, but she thought she could persuade him to take a break—he always did for video games, after all.

Emily got right back to work after putting in her two cents about Nina’s rant, siding with Nina because she (duh) was right. “Carla really needs to check herself before she wrecks herself.”

After a lot of reading, highlighting, flipping pages, and sighing, it was time for a coffee break. Brad treated. While he was gone, Nina brought up Carla again.

“She lives in your complex. Have you guys ever heard of her doing stuff like this to other people?”

Emily shrugged. “I don’t know her personally, but she always seems to know everything that goes on. I have often thought it was she who turned Patrick in to his bosses—actually, I still think that. There is no proof otherwise.”

“She does know every little thing that happens around campus, not just our apartments. It’s weird,” Marissa added.

Nina asked, “Do you think she knows anything about Patrick’s accident? Anything we wouldn’t know?”

It was a good question, since she did live in his building. Neither of the girls knew if she had been around that night, and Patrick had been acting so strangely whenever someone brought up that night. Maybe she did know something.

“But none of us are friends with her, or even acquaintances, so I don’t really see how we can find out,” Marissa pointed out.

Brad had come back with the coffee, so the girls dropped the subject and got back to studying. Their minds stayed on it, though. Summer was approaching more quickly than they expected, and they didn’t want to go away without having answers.

Not only that, but as invested as she was into figuring it all out, Emily was pushing Patrick further and further into the friend-zone. She liked him and all, but it was turning into nothing but in a friendly way. She did not know how he felt, but after his accident, she did not want to bring him back down. She did not know how to bring it up to him. Plus, now he was back at school and wanted to have dinner with her. All Emily really wanted was to pass accounting right now.

Amanda had said that the more she put it off, the harder it would be. “And avoiding him is not going to help you at all,” she said.

“Maybe. But if I just avoid him, won’t he get the message?”

“Since when are you against confrontation?”

Emily bit her lip. “Since the guy I should be confronting got fired for me and then was in the hospital all quarter.”

It definitely put Em in a pickle, but she was the one who had to eat her way out of it somehow. And she hated pickles.


Meanwhile, Amanda was with Alexander at the Apple store, fixing his laptop. Or rather, Alexander was at the desk explaining how he dropped his MacBook while Amanda was at a table nearby with her nose in Chemistry flashcards.

He had been stressing out because half the screen was blacked out, and he needed the whole display to design a rocket for his final project. He could barely get any homework done for his other classes with it either.

Amanda tagged along to be a supportive girlfriend, but she really just wanted to be in the library working on her lab reports. She realized almost too late that she had done some of her research incorrectly and had to start all over.

A girl waltzed up to her at her table and interrupted her study session. “Hey, you’re Amanda, right?”

Amanda looked up at the girl whom she had never officially met but heard countless stories about. “Um, yeah.”

“I’m Carla, I live in the building next to you. Your boyfriend is Brad’s roommate, right?”

She had heard the rants from Nina already. “Sure is. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, I just heard some things about him,” she replied, her eyes wandering everywhere except Amanda’s.

“Well, I’m sure his girlfriend Nina can clear that all up for you. I don’t know him as well as she does.” It was not like Amanda to be snappy with people, but after everything she had heard about this girl, she was not about to be on her best behavior.

Carla pursed her lips, knowing word had gone around. “I am not sure what you heard, Amanda, but whatever it is, I am sure it is not true. I do not want to steal Brad from Nina.”

“I suggested nothing of the sort, but if it is coming from your mouth…There is obviously a reason you think that might be what I am thinking.”

She had been caught in her words and took this as her cue to leave. Before she did, she said, “You might want to think about the people you associate yourself with. You wouldn’t want anyone else’s secrets to be connected to you.”

Well, if that was not the most cryptic and threatening thing she had ever heard…

Amanda told Alexander all this on the drive home, and he did not like what he heard. “Why do a lot of people like her? I have heard nothing but weird things about her, and from unbiased sources, too.”

“She knows something,” Amanda said. “Something other than her alleged home-wrecking agenda.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because she knows everything, Alexander. You don’t think she knows about…never mind. There’s no way.”

“What is it?” he pried.

“Roomie stuff. I can’t tell you everything, now can I?” she replied. “But you will find out in time, when it is ready to come out. Nobody outside of the four of us knows, so there is no way she could have found out, right?”

“Well, if I don’t know what it is, and I hang out in your apartment all the time, then I am sure she doesn’t either.”

Amanda was counting on that. She did not know that Jake had been let in on their biggest secret, and nobody but Megan knew about Patrick’s big secret. Nobody could keep track of who knew what anymore, it seemed. A lockdown Roomie Recap was in order—because now they were all keeping secrets from each other.

Oh snap. More trouble in paradise.

I am home now, too! Last night, I went on an adventure around LA/Hollywood with a friend. So much fun. Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 🙂




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