Live to Tell – PLR Episode 9

After everything that has happened since Sunday, everything I have been feeling, it was good to put this little episode together. It really got my mind off of Jinoo. Seeing so many posts about him on Facebook has been difficult.

I am hoping to film a vlog in the next few days about Jinoo and depression and things like that. I just need to make some time and put some effort into my appearance.

Plus, it is dead week, and I am struggling. But enough about that.

Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 9

Everything was blowing up in their faces.

Emily was beginning to avoid Patrick at all costs. She had zero ideas of how to break up with someone when you were never really together, and Patrick did not seem to quite get the hint yet. Her roommates’ advice was not helpful either. Nike’s motto did not work for her here.

Amanda might as well be dropping out of school. No matter how much or how hard she studied, Chemistry still made zero sense. Her parents were riding her on her GPA, and nothing she was doing had managed to raise it. Eating, sleeping, and breathing the subject left her feeling like her brain was going to explode. And thinking about taking O-Chem only made it worse. Her hair was starting to fall out.

Megan was shutting everyone out again. Jake was the only one who could get more than a few sentences out of her or more than a meal into her, but even that was growing more difficult. She was considering taking time off from school and possibly not returning in the fall.

Marissa had closed herself off from nearly everyone but Jason. She didn’t even come home to shower anymore. She did everything at his place: sleep, eat, laundry…she took all her groceries there and had moved many of her things there, as well. Her roommates just didn’t understand how she felt about Jason, and she did not want to hear any of their complaints.

The girls had once shared every little detail of their lives with each other. Now, they barely spoke. Roomie Recap had stopped altogether. Of course, each knew how much they needed the others, but nobody wanted to swallow their pride and speak first. It was finals week, and it looked like they were going to leave worse than strangers.

Jake had managed to pry Megan from her bedroom and was treating her to coffee and pastries at her favorite coffee shop. She really liked him, and even though they had not said it explicitly, they were exclusively dating. The only problem was that she was still having trouble letting him into her life, which made him reluctant to put a real label on their relationship.

He could sense things were going better for them lately, but it was at the expense of her relationship with her roommates. That’s why he hatched a plan.

Megan had taken a few bites of her scone when Jake received a phone call. He looked alarmed. “Is everything okay?” she asked.

“No, I just got a call that my buddy is in the hospital. I need to go over there, pronto,” Jake replied. “Is it okay if we cut this short?”

“Of course!” Megan exclaimed. “Let’s go.”

She asked more questions about his friend, but Jake said he did not know much yet. Once they arrived at the hospital, he pulled her down hallways until they got to the right room. Megan walked in, only to see that there was no Kappa Tau brother, only Emily and Marissa. Before she could turn around to ask what was going on, Amanda was standing in the doorway, and the door was closed by none other than Alexander.

“What is going on?” Amanda exclaimed.

Alexander poked his face in the window on the door. “Intervention. You guys have barely spoken to each other, and we are about to leave for summer.”

Jake cut in, “And you are all living together next year, so you need to figure out what your issues are, and work together to solve them.”

“What in the world?” Megan said.

The four girls just looked at each other and stayed silent. They had been ignoring their issues, pretending they did not exist. The thing was, though, that none of them were really sure how to solve these problems.

Periodically, Jake or Alexander would look through the window and yell that they did not hear any talking.

All four of them were stubborn; none wanted to admit that there was anything wrong. But obviously something was up, and not one of them knew exactly what to say. They did not want to accuse each other of anything.

After quite a bit of silence, Emily sighed. “What is wrong with us? We used to not be able to go five seconds without talking to each other.”

Megan nodded. “I’m sorry I have been weird this quarter.”

“I mean, you had good reason to,” Amanda pointed out. “But I wish you would have told us about it. Talked to us, you know?”

“Sorry.” Megan said again.

More silence followed.

Marissa piped up. “I know you guys don’t like Jason, but I hate when you criticize me about him. You should trust that I know what I am doing.”

“We want to trust you,” Emily replied. “We just don’t understand. Are there good things? Because all we, and his friends, see is him treating you like his servant, criticizing you on the way you look, and not once taking you to or making you dinner.”

“You have barely just started dating, and it is like you are already his housewife, which, mind you, you never wanted to be in the first place,” Megan added.

“There are good things…” Marissa said in a small voice.

It was coming off as an attack, so Amanda explained, “We just never see you. At all. I mean, you pay rent to live with us, but I have seen you for, like, five minutes in the last week or so.”

“Jason doesn’t get why I should go back when I could stay at his place.”

Amanda repeated, “Because you pay rent to live with us. And you just started dating. I don’t see Alexander nearly as much as you hang out with Jason.”

Marissa thought for a minute in silence. “Well, I guess I could come home more often. Once or twice a week.”

Emily, Amanda, and Megan all gave her a disapproving look. It might as well have been summer, and that had been putting up with this kind of thing for weeks already. This was not about to fly for next year. Marissa bit her lip. “Two or three times?”

“You want to spend more time in his gross, dark man apartment?” Emily asked. “You’ve told me you hate it there.”

She compromised more. “Okay, three to four times…fine, days.”

“And make him take you out to dinner sometimes,” Megan said. “Like, even Red Rock is doable.”


The four of them fell into silence again. A minute or so later, Jake’s head appeared. “Come on, guys, you were just doing so well!” he cheered.

Megan took a shot at apologizing again. “I am sorry I have been MIA a lot. I am going to therapy over the summer, so hopefully I will get better. It has just been a really crappy ten weeks.”

“We get that,” Marissa said. “You have had a really hard time, but you know you can talk to us about anything, no matter how difficult it is.”

“Yeah, we will listen even if you start crying and we can’t understand you,” Emily added—because that was something that tended to happen. “We have your back. And like, Marissa with Jason, you have been spending all your time with Jake. We miss you.”

“There’s no one better to have girl time with than us, you know,” Amanda chimed in.

“I know, and I miss having that,” Megan said. “But along with that, you need a break from school, Amanda.”

Amanda buried her head in her hands. “I can’t. There is too much to do. Too many things to know.”

“And only looking at those things for weeks straight is not helping you at all to learn them,” Emily retorted. “If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. I know we can’t really help you with it, but there are plenty of resources.”

“You are letting it stress you out more than it needs to,” Marissa added.

“Well, I have been skipping my study session to cram for…well, the study session. I should really go back to that. And talk to my tutor,” Amanda said. She went on to mention how she just hates relying on other people.

“Don’t we all?” Megan said—she had also been feeling that same thing. “But you guys are there for me, and we can be there for you. It’s not worth it if you get this much anxiety.”

The girl agreed. “I will talk to my professor first thing tomorrow.”

“And you.” Marissa looked at Emily. “You need to talk to Patrick.”

Emily grimaced. “I know…”

“You are only making things worse by ignoring him,” Megan added. “I know it sounds hard, but once you talk to him, a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders.”

“You know, you’re right,” Emily said. “If you can tell Jake all the stuff that happened to you, then telling Patrick I just want to be friends should be a piece of cake.”

It was all easier said than done, but it had been said. They could now hold each other accountable for everything. Each girl felt a wave of relief wash over them. They decided to have a big dinner, just the four of them, after all their finals to celebrate making it through the year alive. They hugged each other in the room.

Alexander was about to yell at them because they had stopped talking, but whooped instead. “I see hugging!”

Jake’s voice sounded off, too. “Does this mean things are good again?”

Megan held up a thumbs up from their group hug, where each of them had started tearing up.

“Girls night tonight? Movies and ice cream?” Emily suggested.

“I was going to stay at—“ Marissa began, but stopped after seeing glares from her roommates. “—home tonight.”

They all smiled.

Jake and Alexander drove them all back to campus, where the girls promptly kicked the boys out. Then Amanda drove them to the closest convenience store, and each bought a pint of their favorite ice cream.

As they got back to their apartment complex, police cars screeched up to the curb. Cops jumped out and ran past the girls.

“What the heck?” Marissa exclaimed.

Less than a minute later, two policemen shuffled a girl out of her apartment and into the back of a squad car. One of them was reading her rights to her, and the other was on the phone with what the girls assumed was the precinct.

“Wait, that’s Carla.” Megan said.

“The girl who is trying to home-wreck Brad and Nina?” Amanda wondered.

Megan bit her lip. Oh, she had done so much more than that…

Things are starting to come back together for the Pretty Little Roomies! I needed some good things to happen after all the bad stuff–both in the story and in real life.

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are doing well 🙂

Love, Ash

Oh! And Happy December!!! Christmas is coming 😀 and Hanukkah and whatever else y’all celebrate.


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