Right Now #7

I thought it was about time for another one of these. I have been waiting for the new year, and here we are!

It is also Day 2 of Winter Quarter, and I am already sort of freaking out. I am usually so positive about my classes and stuff at the beginning of the quarter, but–please enjoy my Star Wars reference–I’ve got a bad feeling about this. I’m not quite sure why, I just feel weird about it all. But I am trying to think positively!

So let’s see what’s happening to me “right now” other than stressing.

What am I reading?

I’m getting into the meat of my most recently purchased Nikki Heat book. Thank you to the fictional Richard Castle for bringing me so much joy through these novels. It’s like watching an episode, but with so much more detail and drama. Plus, it has kept my spirit alive during the show’s hiatus.


What TV Show am I watching?

I’ve got three for ya! The Bachelor aired last night with none other than Ben Higgins as the Bachelor. I am so excited for this season. I have to watch next-day on ABC’s website, so I have yet to indulge, but I cannot wait to watch the drama unfold.

I also just started Making a Murderer on Netflix, and I am obsessed. It is all I think about. The story is just so interesting, and it really gets me thinking. A little background: Steven Avery was wrongly convicted of rape and attempted murder, and sat in jail for 18 years. When he finally gets exonerated, a woman is murdered and all evidence points to him. But how they got the evidence and the way they have carried out their investigation is so sketchy, that it leaves you with the perception that Avery is innocent. I am trying to keep an open mind, because I know not to believe everything I watch or read, but I have been doing some research, and I am leaning towards Avery’s side of the story. I have lots of questions though!


Parks & Recreation is my third binge right now. It is so funny, and I find myself laughing in public when I am watching it. Definitely a must-watch. Especially because Chris Pratt is such a great human being. I also identify a lot with April…but also Leslie…and Ron, which leaves me conflicted.

I have put Fixer Upper and One Tree Hill on hold for now.

What color are my nails?

I got them done over the break with Stephanie, Marissa, and Ally! I am not quite sure what color to call this because all it had was a number: 44. But it is really nice, and I will definitely go with this again. I didn’t think dark was my thing, but really love this color.


What is my current obsession?

Well, I would have to say murder mysteries, at this point. My thoughts are revolving around that topic, and it has me planning for my big murder mystery. I am thinking about the crime, the point of view, the setting…it is all so exciting!

Oh, and Star Wars, of course! I cannot get enough of that. I spent some time talking to a friend today all about it, which is nice because my roommates sure are not as into it as I am. Plus, my texting ringtone is a lightsaber sound, no biggie.

Who is my current girl crush?

Hmmmmm…I would have to say The fictional character of Nikki Heat (but also Kate Beckett because that is who she is based on, who is fictional as well). Reading the books and watching the show has got me rethinking my career path–okay, not really. But I did consider going into that for a short period of time. She is just so badass, that I really admire her drive and ambition and heart.


Definitely a role model for me. She reminds me that I am a strong woman, and I can do anything!

What am I wearing?

Well, thanks to El Nino, it is rainy in San Luis Obispo! So I have been living in sweats at home and jeans outdoors. I know what you are thinking, Ashley is wearing jeans by choice?? Yes, folks, I am indeed. They keep me a little warmer than yoga pants so I have opted for them today instead.

Oh, and my over-sized sweatshirts. Or my big coat. They keep me so warm, so I am a happy camper.

What is something this week that I am looking forward to?

Umm…the weekend? Mostly, I just want to make it out of this week without freaking out too much.

Noah is driving up with Nicky (his brother) and Laura (his girlfriend) today so I am excited to see them. And hopefully convince Nicky to choose Cal Poly when he decides on which college to attend.

My AOII family is apparently planning something for this Friday, which will obviously be a lot of fun. I am excited to see all of them!

I guess you could say I am looking forward to getting back in the groove of things. I have been away for what felt like ages, and I need a little time to adjust to the SLO life again, get back into the groove of things. I am happy to be in my comfy bed in my own room again.

What am I listening to?

The Beatles!! Non-stop. All day, every day.

They are finally on streaming websites (Spotify), so I can finally listen to them all in one place! My dad has all the records and CDs, but some have been lost to the back room behind our garage. Now I have them constantly playing from my laptop and my phone. I am so pumped because they make me so happy.


“Come Together” is probably my favorite song, and it plays all the time, it seems. I can’t help but groove to it. (But at this present moment: “Day Tripper”)

What make up am I wearing?

I switched it up! I still have my Clinique foundation–it is my favorite thing–and Covergirl concealer, but I wanted to try out a new mascara!


It is Power Volume 24 Hour from Loreal, and I like it a lot. Will I stick with it when I run out? Maybe. But I always seem to eventually go back to Covergirl. I guess only time will tell.

What is a bad habit I need to kick?

Probably stressing out for this quarter. I got stressed before I even came back to school. It has not been good for my mental health at all, and I almost want to call it a setback in recovery. I won’t because I don’t think it is that bad, but I am having a hard time overcoming this feeling.

(( By the way, “Come Together” just started. Again. ❤ ))

What is one thing I am really happy about?

Going abroad next fall? Beatles music on Spotify? Being SLOme? Can I only pick one?

I guess I would have to go with the fact that today the rain did not make my hair look horrid. It has body and volume and curl. I kind of look really hot right now, not to toot my own horn.

Hey, it’s the little things.

Okay, back to reading the Declaration of Independence for History class, so I can watch The Bachelor, start my Linguistics homework, then go to Zumba with Mads and Tori!

-Ash 🙂



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