Sundaze – 1/31/2016

On Sundays my mind should be focused on all the homework I have left. I should not be on my laptop, I should have my nose in my Lingustics book. And I should most definitely be studying for my three midterms this week.


But alas, I am daydreaming.

I am thinking about living in New York City in a few years. I am picturing a gorgeous apartment with exposed brick and nice kitchen. It is 100% Tumblr and Pintrest worthy. I can look out my floor-to-ceiling windows at the beautiful city morning or at the glittering lights at night. I am thinking about going to work in publishing, and ruling the (writing) world. Think: Sandra Bullock’s character in The Proposal. And then I come home to sit in a comfy chair and write for hours. And read all the books in the world. I have a library that is the envy of all my writer friends. And Gracie calls me up to ask my opinion on a script she is writing, and I tell her it is genius–because it totally is. This is the dream.

But I also see myself in a little studio apartment, not a penthouse. It’s a little cluttered because I am still trying to get my life together here. Maybe I have a little fish named Charlie, because why not. And I have paperwork to do and manuscripts to edit. I’m only an intern, and I am living on cereal and scrambled eggs, just like in college. This is the reality.

But I’ll turn it into the dream.

I am thinking about Pride and Prejudice. One of my favorite books and movies. I really need to read it again soon and immerse myself in my favorite love story. Then I can watch the movie over and over again, since it is now on Netflix. Thank. God. I think about the beautiful language and the heartbreaking way Mr. Darcy confesses his love for Elizabeth in the rain. How I wish that someone would look at me and love me the way he loves her.

“You have bewitched me, body & soul, and I love…I love…I love you.” Ugh, this kills me.

And then since I am on a Keira Knightly kick, I am thinking about watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Becuase Johnny Depp is also quite the babe. And I am wondering if I have ever seen a movie where Keira Knightly does not play a young maiden in the seventeenth/eighteenth century. Which reminds me that I still have not seen Begin Again where she stars with Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine. But I like her as a young maiden in the seventeenth/eighteenth century. She plays that role very well, and sometimes I dream about living that life.

I often wonder what it would be like to live in a world where pirates reigned over the seas or I got to go to balls and dance with rich gentlemen and make them fall in love with me. The language is my favorite part; it is utterly mesmorizing to listen to and to read. I wish people still spoke like that. The downside, though, is that bathing situation. I, for one, cannot go more than a day without showering. I love being clean too much. But maybe for Darcy I would do it…

I am thinking about my characters and the lives I build for them. Where I want them to go and what I want them to do. Who I want them to be. And I find myself in their stories and wishing I could bring them to life. I fall so in love with the stories I create, and it makes them difficult to share. Sometimes I don’t want them to be anyone’s but mine. But at the same time, I want everyone else to fall as much in love with them as I have. I want my stories and characters to impact my readers’ lives as much as mine has been changed by the books I have read. And I wish for a future where a girl falls in love with reading and writing because of something I have written.

And then we start over in New York City.

Daydreaming is fun, and some of my greatest ideas come from moments like these. Sometimes all you need is a break from reading about a doctor who sells his soul to Lucifer or studying whatever the heck phonology is. These are my favorite kind of study breaks.

-Ash 🙂

BTW Grease Live airs tonight on Fox!! I can’t watch it because I don’t have cable, but I had my family record it and hopefully I can watch it online! I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS. Also, Aaron Tveit is one of my favorite humans. *heart eye emoji* x1,000,000.



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