Don’t Forget

Remember these days…remember these moments.

Remember that she reminded you that you were loved, even if only by one person. Remember all the light she brought into you life, despite your world falling apart, ripping at the seams. She was the glue that held you together. She was strong for you, so you have to be strong for her. She taught you how to be strong.

Remember how her laugh was contagious and how good it felt to laugh with her.

But don’t forget that she is family, and family isn’t perfect. Don’t forget that she may be strong, but she will lose her way. You won’t like everything. You’ll want to fall apart again because she is changing. Don’t forget that it won’t be the same if you push her away like you do everyone else.

Don’t forget that sometimes people don’t come back.

Remember the way he made you feel. Remember that you were important to him, even if it was for a few minutes in the long hours your life will turn into. Those minutes were everything. They taught you how to smile again. You loved the way a smile felt on your face, and you loved how you muscles ached too soon because you had forgotten how to use them.

Remember how you blushed the first time.

But don’t forget about the way your heart broke when he couldn’t even look you in the eyes. When he refused to hear your voice. Don’t forget that he didn’t care the way you wanted him to.

Don’t forget that it is still okay to hurt sometimes.

Remember how this place first struck you. The sun was more than light and warmth, it was welcome. Remember why you felt so free the moment they drove away in their red car. Remember kissing goodbye everything dragging you down and waving hello to new beginnings.

Remember how you felt like you could do anything.

But don’t forget that you won’t be here forever. Don’t forget that you can’t rely on these sunsets to constantly remind you of the beauty in the world. You can’t run from the Darkness forever, sometimes it will come back for you. You won’t always know how to smile.

Don’t forget that not everything is going to be perfect.

Remember what forgiveness is. Remember that someone else will bring an even brighter smile to your face. Remember that you will find home again. You are not the same girl you were yesterday. You don’t have to let the weight sit on you shoulders. Straighten up, and start again. Remember everything that made you into who you are. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

And don’t forget your dreams.

xx Ash



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