Sundaze – 2/14/2016

These past few days–past few weeks, actually–I have been feeling incredibly stuck and weird about everything. I have been in a creative rut, and I have needed to take much more time to recharge from being social and extraverted than normal. I am back to spending more time alone in my room than I have experiencing life with my friends. However, this Valentine’s Day weekend, things were different. It was a Galentine’s Day weekend to remember, for sure.


On Friday, Kristin, Tori, and I drove out to Avila Beach to spend the day basking in the wonderful sunshine. After our wicked few weeks of rain, I have been itching to get out and soak up the sun and sand. It was a relaxing day of reading my newest book (Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot–I am still head over heels for Michael Moscovitz) and listening to music.

That night, we ventured downtown to see How to be Single, which I must say, took me on an emotional ride I was non prepared for. I did not expect much from the movie but some good laughs with my best girlfriends, but I ended up learning quite a bit. Granted, it was not the greatest movie I have ever seen, but I would totally recommend it!

It was such a relaxing day, and I got to focus so much on myself. I did not have to worry about anything in the world. The homework I have to do? It can wait. After midterm upon midterm the last few weeks, I have desperately needed this “me” time to really get my thoughts together.

On Saturday, we mobbed over to the pool at the Rec Center. Let me just tell you: I feel like I am at a fancy resort when I am at the pool. It is so nice! We have a nice leisure pool with a whirlpool area and three beach volleyball courts. All it needs (per Alice and Vanessa’s thoughts) is a juice bar/sandwich place. That would up the “wow” factor quite a bit.

But it was so nice to just go relax in lounge chairs and hang out in the pool when we got too hot. I am weak when it comes to water temperature, so the ocean is usually a no-go for me. The pool is just the right level of “cool” that I can get used to it. Plus, if it was any warmer, it would not be refreshing, which is what I truly need when I feel my skin getting too warm.


Then came Deadpool with Michael. I can always count on him to go see/watch a movie and fangirl over Ryan Reynolds with me. I am so lucky to have a friend like him in my life. And it still counts as Galentine’s Day festivities because he is basically a gal pal.

Today, actual Valentine’s Day, Tori, Kristin, and I are getting breakfast together. Kristin has been dying for some chicken and waffles! Another day at the pool is in order–no, French professor, I was not kidding when I said I was going to spend the entire weekend pool/beach hopping. I need to soak up as much sun as possible because I miss my summer tan dearly. Two days in, and I am turning a nice golden color, with minimal redness. Sun safety is so important!!

“Spaghetti and Singles” dinner with Adam’s fraternity is tonight. Adam, of course, will not be there. He will be with Vanessa, for obvious reasons. But it will be fun to hang out with my friends and talk to boys I have zero intentions of seeing again. Hey, this is me time, remember?

A weekend like this is exactly what I need. It is what I have been waiting for. I am not doing crazy things and going places to lose the energy I have been building up. I get to just lounge around doing absolutely nothing but turning over onto my stomach from my back, reapplying sunscreen, and repeating.

To be completely honest, I have also been doing fabulously on my Lenten fasting! A few days in, and I have been doing great ignoring my chocolate and donut cravings–I probably could not even call them real cravings. SloDoCo’s snapchat story isn’t making this very easy, but I am confident I can get through it without cheating. This is just the confidence boost I need right now, too.

After such draining days and nights where my brain tears me apart, I feel happy. I am content. I do not feel numb to the world as I have been lately. This optimism is just the thing to get me back into the swing of life, recovery, and smiling.

Happy Sunday, my loves ❤


PS Only 6 more months until I turn 21!


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