Right Now #8

First full week of April, let’s see what’s up.

What am I reading?

I am obsessing over The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt right now. It is about a boy, Theo, whose mother dies in a museum explosion, and he keeps a small painting lost in the debris, and it comes with danger in his future. The language that Tartt uses is beautiful, and I truly feel like I am inside the story with the characters. I am having such a good time making predictions and underlineing things and I know I am going to use a lot of what I am absorbing in my own writing.

Reading this book is also making me more and more excited to move to New York City after college. Tartt’s descriptions of the city and the people have ignited a new fire in me, and I cannot wait to live in the city in a little shoebox of an apartment and go to museums and musicals and do everything that a New Yorker does.

Thank you, Gracie, for recommending this book to me!

What TV Show am I watching?

A mix of One Tree Hill and New Girl. Sometimes I am sucked into the drama of Tree Hill and the characters, but those episodes are an hour long, so I have mostly switched over to re-watching New Girl in the mornings when I do my make up or when I eat dinner. The episodes are so short that I feel like it is a good break from work.

But I love Jess and her boys. They crack me up, and even though I have seen these epsides before, I find myself laughing at all the jokes. Out loud. I am sure my roommates think I am a little crazy. Plus, Jess is so quirky and weird, that I kind of identify with that. Highly recommend.

As for One Tree Hill, it took me almost four seasons to actually get into it. And even then, I still would switch over to other shows or chose a movie sometimes. It is good, don’t get me wrong, and the drama is exciting, but I am mostly in it for the music. Such good songs in the background and Fall Out Boy has been on a couple of times. I just feel like maybe more should be happening in the time that each episode covers and that maybe there might be too much drama? I don’t know, in Gossip Girl all the shenanigans were outlandish, but they were all rich New York socialites, so it was almost believable. Not as much with this show. But I have now become attached to some of the characters, so I must stick with it.

What color are my nails?

I just got them done with Chelsea over Spring Break for her birthday. They are light pink (shocker!) and lovely. I went with a pastel color for Spring. I felt that it was fitting, and I love light pink. Obviously. It goes easily with a lot of things, like the tan I am trying to get.

Will I switch it up again next time? Maybe. But probably not.

What is my current obsession?

Staying up way too late to read for fun? Crafting for my little? The Hamilton soundtrack? Staying in bed all day watching Netlfix and reading? All of the above?

Actually, now that it is baseball season, I am pretty stoked about that. The Angels have lost their first two games to the Cubs, which I am not happy about, but it is early. I have hopes for this season. I cannot stop talking about baseball, really. I am very ready for this season. And even though it is an even year, I refuse to let the Giants win the World Series. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Please, don’t let it happen!

Also Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in LA (aka I can see the Hogwarts castle driving around Burbank) opens April 7th. SO TODAY! Chelsea and Stacey went to Universal the other day and saw Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) there and they didn’t get a picture. How can she be my sister??

What is my favorite recent purchase?

Yes, switching it up from girl crush. I just feel like they never really change or they change too often. So purchases:

I have two. When buying crafting supplies for my little, I came across an awesome black and white poster of the Beatles. It is currently still flattening in my room, but I cannot wait to put it up! Looking at it makes me so happy.

My other purchase is, bought on the same day, is the DVD/Bu-ray of Star Wars Epsiode 7: The Force Awakens. So stoked! It also comes with a digital copy, and since my laptop does not have a disc drive, I love downloading movies with the code so I can have them easily accessible on my computer, no wifi needed! I cannot wait to watch it with my poster as my backdrop.

Who was my last phone call?

Switching it up some more!

My last phone call was with Victoria’s Secret because guess what: they offered me a job! I was so nervous applying and interviewing. I have so much anxiety in those situations, but I am so excited to start training. A few of my friends work there, too, so it will be fun. Plus, discounts. And as much as I buy bras and underwear, this is much needed.

I have been working so hard to find a job so that I can stay in SLO over the summer, and this comes to me just when I was about to give up hope and go back to my old summer job. I am so excited to do this and get some more retail experience under my belt.

Doing a happy dance right now.

What is something this week that I am looking forward to?

I am going to Disneyland with my sorority this weekend!! Y’all know how much I adore Disney and basically everything about it, so I am so pumped to go to my favorite place with my favorite people. The t-shirts we ordered are really cute, as well, so it will be fun to take pictures all wearing them.

Plus I have Angels Mickey ears. So cute.

What am I listening to?

Hamilton all day, every day. Michael listens to it a lot, and while I had already heard snippets from Tumblr, I was not really listening until I was in the car with Michael. Immediately, I felt this great wave of nostalgia to choir and show tunes.

I am not sure I have a favorite, but I really love “Alexander Hamilton,” “Wait for It,” and “Dear Theodosia.” Obviously, there are more, but those are sticking in my mind. So good. Highly recommend.

(Also, still the Beatles. Because they are such a huge part of my life.)

Why did I get on the struggle bus today?

(More variety, yay.)

My reading for my English class. I read it, and I think I understand it, but then I take the quiz and listen to discussion, and I realize I was so very off. I am not really sure why. But because my thoughts are so different for every other person in the class, I cannot bring myself to participate in the discussions. I definitely need to work harder, i just have so many other classes and work to do that I cannot dedicate as much time as I would like to it. Sometimes, I think they should kick me out of my major.

What is a bad habit I need to kick?

Snoozing my alarm. Nuff said.

What is one thing that I am really happy about?

That all my hard work in looking/interviewing for jobs has paid off. I am so excited to start! And that I get to go to Disneyland this weekend. And that the week is over. So many things, I cannot just pick one.

Lots of things happening this quarter and this month! Very excited, very stressed, very blessed. (Was that really basic??)

WriteWorld (or other prompted) post coming your way soon, so stay tuned!




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