Dropping in for an Important Announcement

So my brother has this best friend. They have been inseparable since, I don’t know, the diaper days. I think my brother is pretty cool (I did not always think so, he was pretty quiet and ignored me a lot), but I have to say, he would not be nearly as cool if this friend had not been in his life. And since he so badly wanted a mention on my blog tonight, I am going to do him one better.

Top 10 Reasons why Tyler Roope is Probably the Coolest Human You Will Ever Meet


1. His tweets are actually the bomb.

2. Never have better bad puns come from another person.

3. It is impossible to not want to be his friend.

4. He’s nicer than you will ever be.

5. His sass is off the charts.

6. He is very smart.

7. Everybody wants to be his friend but nobody is quite cool enough to be.

8. He is going to UCLA. Go Bruins!

9. He is going to be wildly famous one day.

10. Because even though I am his best friend’s weird older sister, he still thinks I am pretty cool, too.

And it’s not much for my major lack of blogging lately, but it needed to be said. Tyler is one of the coolest people I have ever met, and I don’t know if he realizes that. He has touched so many people’s lives in so many different ways. He has taught me various life lessons, from how to be the right amount of witty at the perfect time to appreciating the people I have surrounded myself with.

To bring back a little piece of the blog, a special shout out to this kid is definitely the way to go. I won’t be able to blog regularly quite yet (thanks to midterms and now finals), but in honor of my brother’s and pseudo-little brother’s graduation, this seemed like a pretty fair way to go.

So major props to Tyler for winning at life and just being an all-around great person. I am happy that I get to call him a friend and that he is staying in my life to teach me some more.

Much love, Ash


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