London Calling

London is calling me, my friends. The sophisticated accents, driving on the wrong other side of the road, the history, the royal family (still holding out for you Prince Harry), Harry Potter, roaming the streets of a city I’ve dreamt about my whole life.

New York has always been my endgame, to live in the city that enever sleeps and write my life away. But I have never stopped thinking about living in London, for at least a little while, and getting to travel Europe. I grew up listening to next to nothing but the Beatles. I have been influenced by The Who, the Stones, the Zombies, thanks to my dad (along with other great classics not out of Great Britain). The Bond movies fuel my creativity, as cool spy movies do. And, um, I said it before but Harry Potter. So many things from Great Britain have had a big impact on me. This has me thinking that if New York doesn’t work out, then I could just go back to London and live out my days in the city across the pond.

A lot of things have been leading me to this moment. I have spent a long time thinking that the only person I have to depend on is myself. It has taught me to be very self-sufficient, and I believe that it has prepared me fairly well for college and hopefully the real world. However, in the last two years, I have realized that there is so much more than being so headstrong. There are other people to care about me, to love me, to make me feel safe. I am still number one on my list of poeple to rely on, but I have found that I can add other names to that list. I am not alone in the world, and that is very refreshing. That doesn’t mean, though, that I am not still self-reliant and mentally ready to leave the nest (financially is a bit of a different story…).

What it means is that I can be ready to face the world by myself  but I don’t have to. I get to live with a bunch of cool young women in a tiny, overpriced flat a tube ride away from London Met. I lived with my family for nineteen years and then my current roommates for the last two; it is going to be interesting living with people I have only met on Facebook (and one in person–thanks Cal Poly!). It will be a trial, for sure, but I am excited for it. Who knows what will happen? It could be fantastic! It could also be a trainwreck. If so, it is going to be a trainwreck that I will face head on.

Because bigger things are calling my name: exciting adventures in London, traveling (hopefully to Paris and Scotland and Ireland and I am praying Austria), figuring out the Tube, getting lost probably, meeting cute British men (banking on a member of One Direction). A world outside the small one I have been living in the last (almost) twenty-one years. I have only ever been outside the country twice, when I went on those Disney cruises (not complaining, I swear, those were the best vacations!). I have never been to Europe before, and I cannot wait to wander around, finding my way. Oh, what a spiritual journey I am making this out to be.

You know, maybe it is. I feel like so much of my life has been a bit of a spiritual journey–except now I am sounding like I spent too much time in Engl 205. I am learning so much about myself and about life and about the people around me. I just cannot wait until that world is England!

Exciting things!

(Maybe somehow I will get some studying in there, too, worry not.)


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