Smile Away

Happy Monday, everybody!

I know I have been sporadic with my posts lately, and I have yet to post anything since my birthday. I want to say I have been busy with other things (like packing!), but other than an errand or two, I have been on my couch with my nose in a book!

After finishing Jurassic Park, I decided to go where I totally should have gone years ago and read the Harry Potter series. We have had books one through six forever, and I love the movies. I tried to read the first book when I was about twelve, but I got up to do a chore about four pages in and never picked it back up. Now here I am, twenty years old, and finishing what I started. One week later, and I am opening the first pages of Goblet of Fire. That is book four for those of you living under a rock who do not know.

Reading so much has made me think so much about writing–but that is nothing new, right? I have been updating bits and pieces of work the last few weeks, which includes Pretty Little Roomies. I hope to have the first episode of Season Two up very soon! Especially because I finally decided on a theme. No, I will not tell you! It is a surprise–as is a lot of the content. I would just like to reiterate that the story is fiction, and if anyone ever wants to talk about any of the things I have written about, I love getting emails!

–> <–

Now onto something fun! A new question of the day, of course. I found another one that really stood out to me. It is question I have heard quite a few times, and I love to hear how people answer it.

What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

I often hear this answered many ways: face, abs (holler at beach trips), butt…you could even go as far as feet or hands or shoulders. Those all sound sort of strange, but hey, no judgement.

My answer, my general answer, would be the face. But for me, it goes a little bit further than that. The first thing I notice is someone’s facial expressions: the way their mouth moves when they talk, how they smile, how their eyes and eyebrows move.

Does that sound weird?

I am a people-watcher, which could sound creepy, but I love just observing people and their movements and mannerisms. It gives me ideas for stories and characters. The first thing I notice is a person’s face because it is usually the first thing I see. I always take note of the expression they were making. My favorite thing is when they are smiling. A person’s smile is magical. That is why I encourage people to smile always.

This is all unless I am at a baseball game. Then you can bet that I am checking out the players’ butts. Sorry, not sorry. They just look so good in those pants! And I cannot see their faces from afar.

What do you guys notice first? I would love to know! 🙂


Love me!


Message in a Bottle

So lately, I have been looking back on the blog and everything I started, but have stopped doing along the way. One thing I really liked doing was the “Question of the Day.” I thought it was a fun way to make me think outside the box. I went back to the website I originally used, and it does not seem to be around anymore. I did not stop there, though, I went off and easily found a different site with countless of questions! Some good, some not so good, but one I really liked.

So I am bringing this back, at least, for now.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three books and three people would you take with you? Why?

I mean, this one concerns books, so there should be no surprise why I chose it.

Deciding on only three books to take with me is definitely difficult, but there is zero point in listing off all the ones I could bring along. Of the ones I have finished in my lifetime–and there have been many–my top three are:

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot – Meg Cabot has always been one of my favorite authors. I adore the way she can take an “outcast” and make them great. It does not mean the character becomes popular or anything like that, they simply realize the potential they have and grow upon themselves to be better people. I have always been the outsider, and I still continue to have that role. Having this book in particular will help me remember why I am awesome and why the term “popular” is only relative.

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall by Carolyn Keene – Nancy Drew is one of my heroes, and I say that with the utmost pride. I loved those books before I could even read! I first received one as a gift, and every day I would “read” it, telling a new story. One day, I decided to find out what those words really meant, and I fell in love immediately. One of my aunts had every book in the series as a young girl and fully supported my love. And fueled it like mad. For one of my birthdays, she gave me this novel, and wrote me a note inside the cover, telling me it was her favorite. From that day forward, it was mine, too. I read it several times a year, just to remind me how much the young sleuth changed my life.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hossieni – This book was on my reading list in my AP English class senior year. I did not plan on reading it originally, but we already had a copy from when my sister took the class a few years before. A friend of mine had started it in her class, and already loved it, so I decided to give it a try. I was hooked from the beginning. Hosseini told the beautiful story of family and friendships tested by war and violence. The details make it so real. I felt the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer and the wind that took the kites to the sky…I am all but forcing my brother to read it this summer. If there was one book I read in school that has stuck in my mind, it is definitely this one.

Okay, now which people would I take with me…this one might be tougher.

Gracie Roebuck – Honestly, there is no one else that can make me nearly pee of laughter, then flip the switch and have a deep conversation about writing with me. She fills two of my favorite topics without even having to try. I mean, I called her on her birthday last year and cried on the phone because I missed her voice. It had barely been two months since I had seen her. That is friendship right there.

Natalie Binkley – Best friend. Duh. Does this even need explaining??

Chris Evans – Because I am going to need some eye candy on this deserted island, and you know it will be hot enough for him to be shirtless. It is a given, basically.

So maybe that last part wasn’t so hard…I was just over-thinking it, I am sure.

I love answering questions like this. It may not have seemed so, but I did give each of these a lot of thought. I mean, it took a lot of thought to narrow it down. Edie, if you are reading this, you were next, I swear. I just think that if you were there we would spend the entire time laughing about literally nothing and then die because we wouldn’t know how to survive.

So what about you guys? Who would you bring and what books would you take?


Love me!

Little Things

So it has been a while since the last one of these. I have looked at some questions, but none of them really struck me as worthy to have a nice, thought-out answer on my blog. This one, however, I liked, especially since I had to think really hard about my answer.


What was the last thing you laughed really hard about?

I had to do quite a bit of thinking in order to answer this question. I have had a lot of laughs in the last few months. After racking my brain for the best answer, I found one in my memory.

Not too long ago, I was at the library with Natalie and Vanessa, along with our neighbors Adam and Neel. Of course, we were doing homework and being very productive college students. (Wow, I almost laughed out loud writing that). Alice, our fourth roomie could not join us, for she had a previous engagement, but that did not stop us from texting in our group chat.

In a few days, it would be a friend of Vanessa’s birthday, and she was asking what she should get or do for him. We started making jokes that were, you could say, inappropriate. Because three out of four of us were together, we were giggling to ourselves about what we were saying. Adam was getting very frustrated because we refused to let him in on our jokes. For some reason, that just made us laugh harder. We were pretty sure everyone around us in the library was greatly annoyed, but we couldn’t stop!

Honestly, we should not have been laughing as hard as we were, but I think it may have been the fact that libraries are supposed to be quiet, Adam was getting progressively frustrated, and we kept getting more and more inappropriate in our texts that made it all so funny.

How is something so simple one of the best memories? Well, it is because I have taken to enjoying every single moment I have on this earth. I used to take so many things for granted, or not pay attention to any of them because I didn’t think any of it mattered. I have learned recently that everything matters. Everything. I have to appreciate every moment in this life because I never know when it is going to end. I used to not care about that, but now I refuse to think that way.

That night in the library was good, there’s no other way to explain it. I was happy and I laughed so hard I cried. I love those moments, especially when they are the result of something so seemingly small.

So enjoy the little things; that is one of the most important things I have learned since beginning college. You never know how much those moments can mean 🙂

If anyone cares to share their answer to this question, I’d love to hear it!


I Want it That Way

Happy Tuesday! I haven’t been liking the questions lately, but I have a pretty good answer for this one!


What fashion trend from the past would you like to see make a comeback?

This is actually something that I have been trying to bring back (kind of), and it is tying your sweatshirt around your waist. I started doing this again fairly recently actually and I love it. It is seriously one of the most convenient things ever.

And I am not talking about tying a flannel around your waist, either. Honestly, I used to think that was a kind of dumb trend unless you were a dancer–since it started as a thing dancers did, I don’t really know why–but now I partake in the trend, but only because I do the same with my sweatshirts. I don’t really do it as a fashion statement, it just ends up that way. But I’m not complaining that it looks good.

But I wish wearing a sweatshirt would come back “in style” because I do it all the time and some people judge me for it (not that it bothers me). I just want people to accept it without judgment because it’s not a big deal. A few weeks ago, when I was at an Angel game with my siblings and friend Noah, I went to get food with Haley. Two guys walking behind us made a comment about my sweatshirt being tied around my waist like it was weird. I do not think it’s weird to do at all. Why carry it around when you’re not wearing it? Just tie it around you and voila! I am trying to think of why that ever went out of style or why I stopped doing it in the first place. Well, probably because no one else was and I wanted to fit in. But clothes do not determine how well you fit in, and I just do not care anymore. I am all about sweatpants these days, anyway.

So that is the trend I would like to make a comeback–or that I am trying to bring back.

IMG_3775It’s cute, right? Like, you can’t even really tell. Plus, when you sit, it is like an extra cushion under your butt, which is really nice. And now I am just getting weird…

Anyway, have a wonderful day! And I’d love to know what other trends y’all think should make a comeback 🙂

Peace out, girl scout! -A

Wishing I Was Knee Deep in the Water Somewhere

Hiya, everyone! Okay, it’s time for the QOTD, and this one’s a tough one for me! I’ve got a some thinking to do about it. Hmmmmmmmmmm……


Which song is the soundtrack to your life and why?

How on earth am I supposed to answer this?? I mean, I could wait until tomorrow and get a new question, but I love this one. It will definitely put my mind onto music and off of the chapter of my health book about depression and suicide.

I guess the one song that I always come back to, the one song that never fails to put me in a great mood is…*drum roll*

“Knee Deep” by Zac Brown Band feat. Jimmy Buffet

—–> <—–

This song just always makes me happy and it’s about summer. I absolutely adore summer–even though SoCal gets insanely, uncomfortably hot that time of year. I’ve always dreamed about getting away to an island and forgetting all my troubles in the real world, and that’s kind of what the song is about. Where the only worry in the world is if the tide is going to reach your chair. If you ask me, that is barely even a worry at all.

Every time I listen to the song, I get lost in my imagination of being away from it all. I used to dream of running away and starting over completely, and “Knee Deep” was the perfect description of how I felt.

There is never a time when I would say no to an island getaway. People will ask, “What is your dream vacation?” and a private remote island somewhere with a beach and clear water and sun will always be my answer. I would love to be free from everything and just let go of all my worries and thoughts. Just thinking about the song now is making me smile and daydream.

My favorite line is “When you lose yourself/You find the key to paradise” and I think that’s so true. People get so focused on what is happening now and what they need to get done, but if they just let go, they could see the true beauty in things. That’s paradise.

I don’t know, maybe I am just way too into music and rambling again. I have a tendency to do that, don’t I?

But coming in a close second to that is probably “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” by Jake Owen because it has a similar feel and subject. That song can put me in a great mood, too. I love it. Maybe there is just something about country that gets me because I relate to/adore everything about it. Or I’m just weird. Or maybe it’s a little bit of both?

Regardless, I totally wish I was knee deep in the water somewhere–even though I’m so happy this SLO heat wave is coming to an end (I hope!). And now I feel like looking at/adding to my “Places I Dream of Being” board on Pintrest…I’m not going to get any homework done, am I? Oh well! Just kidding, I totally care.

On another note, I’m not really hiding this blog anymore and that’s kind of a freeing feeling too. I’m not sure what is going to come of this, but I’m hoping something good. Hm, more wishing. But I am curious as to how this will change, if at all. I might have to be more careful about my topics………we’ll just have to see about that.

Anyway, peace and love ❤ Go take a nice vacation because now you’re thinking about it. I am, too! Maybe spring break in Cabo with my sorority sisters would be a really nice vacation. Better start saving! Gosh I really need a job. Can I get paid for this blog please? One can dream.

🙂 -A