Right Now #9

I have been back at school for about a month. I’ve been back in America for almost two. Yes, I am still sad about leaving London. No, I probably won’t shut up about it.

I have half a post about all the things I miss about study abroad. I have half a post about the rift between students and full-time SLO residents. I wrote two short stories in the past few weeks: one I submitted for a contest, the other I am turning in for an assignment. Two of my abroad finals were due within twenty-four hours of each other. To top it off, I am sick.

Am I being dramatic? Sure, always. But do I feel like actual crap? Yeah.

Honestly, it could be worse. I am knocking on wood as I write that. Because even though I feel like my head is going to explode, I understand next to nothing in my astronomy class, and my back is in a more or less constant state of pain, I have great friends, this gloomy weather is giving me some peace, and Stranger Things Season 2 has a release date! Plus, it is Girl Scout cookie season, and a box of those (or two) is enough to get anybody’s mood up.

So let’s talk life updates:

Just being a serial series reader…

I love a good book series. I mean, I love stand-alone novels, as well, but I get more attached when I am focused on a set of characters for more than one book. I just finished the Embassy Row trilogy, by my favorite author, Ally Carter. Everything she writes has me in suspense and in love. I can’t wait to reread that series as many times as I have sped through her other ones.

But until I am ready to send myself down the path of Grace Blakely again, I am reading the newest Confessions of a Shopaholic book: Shopaholic to the Rescue. I adore Sophie Kinsella and her books. Becky’s wild adventures always have me laughing and rooting for her to come out on top. This particular novel has her on the hunt for her runaway father. There is some mystery and some struggles. But there is always fun.

Meanwhile, I am back (and always) on the Harry Potter train, following Harry, Ron, and Hermione on their search for the Chamber of Secrets. I got all the books on my Kindle–easy access to a series that has touched my heart in so many ways. I no longer need to carry around seven heavy books (though that is not something I am against) to hop on the Hogwarts Express to the best wizarding school.Image result for harry potter gifs

I’m trying my hand at expanding genres.

Reading, of course. I will always try something new. From the Shopaholic series to Harry Potter to The Martian, I love to read everything. It’s how you expand your horizons. So reading, yes.

Writing? Well, writing across genres is not my strong suit.

In an ideal word, I am the next Richard Castle, and I can pop out a crime mystery best-seller, easy. In this world, I can come up with new ideas at the drop of a hat, but actually turning them into a story (novel or not) is a much different task. Lucky for me, I had a writing assignment where the gothic genre was a requirement. Now, I wouldn’t say my attempt was great, but it was definitely not my worst.

Since then I am inspired to try my hand at plots and characters that are not my typical go-tos. Different kinds of relationships and plot-points. Also monsters.

I know, I know. Who is this girl? I’m still trying to figure that part out, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? I mean, I can’t create a world as wonderful and extensive as J. K. Rowling’s wizarding one overnight. Or, you know, ever. But I can try to create something powerful like she did.

So I haven’t been to the gym as often as I originally planned.

It’s not for lack of trying. I made a schedule for myself, and I intended to stick with it–and I still intend to stick to it as closely as possible. Unfortunately, work and school have gotten in the way a bit. My work schedule does not always allow for me to hit the elliptical or go to a barre or zumba class as often as I’d like. Midterms, papers, and projects came at me like baseballs at the batting cages, and they just haven’t stopped.

If I do find some time, it is usually to play racquetball with Tori–which, honestly is so fun. I wish I was actually good at it. Public apologies to Tori that my skills are so poor and I can’t keep a real game going.

That being said, I get there as much as I can. And you know what’s really weird (and maybe a little unnerving)? I actually want to go. I want to go for a round on the elliptical or do a few laps on the track. I know, I know–who am I?? But with this rain, all I want to do is, well, something. Something active that isn’t running up and down the stairs at work doing stock checks or moving boxes. I miss going to Zumba!

I forgot how fast-paced the quarter system was.

And while I did sort of miss school, I did not miss this stress! We start classes, and you turn around and suddenly you’re taking midterms. Then you blink and your final paper is about to be due. I am trying not to let the anxiety take over, but it has not been easy.

Yes, tears have been shed. I have pushed a lot of emotion down and bottled a lot of things up (I don’t know how I do it, but it happens), and it all likes to pour out of me when I least need it to. Like in the middle of class.

But it’s fine. Everything is fine. I will get through this–I always do. And I do really like the quarter system. I like that I get to take so many different classes in a year. It means I get to try new things, and that’s always exciting. Things happen very quickly, so I am never bored–okay, that’s not entirely true. There is always something to do. It keeps me on my toes in the best way. I am working on the over-stressed thing. One day I won’t freak out about little things so much.

My favorite season is starting.

Now that the wildly overproduced Superbowl is over, baseball season can finally kickstart. Season at Cal Poly is just starting, and I am stoked. I’m hoping not too many games get rained out–it was an issue with the series at Cal this past weekend–because there is not much I love more than hanging out at Baggett Stadium admiring butts in baseball pants watching my favorite sport. And eating hot dogs. There has to be hot dogs.

As exciting as gearing up for season at school is, it certainly is not MLB level. I can’t wait for my phone to blow up with ESPN notifications letting me know everything that’s happening: who is scoring, who is striking out, and how good Mike Trout looks in the outfield.


Okay, okay, so that last part is not something ESPN is going to be reporting on (unfortunately), but if I can’t go to the games, then watching the livestreams and game casts will have to do. That is, unless I can take off enough time to make it out to Arizona for Spring Training again this year. Since Edie lives out there now, it’s like the universe is begging me to go. At least, that is what I am telling myself.

I missed Costco pizza a lot.

Self-explanatory. Thank God a slice is only $2.

Okay now back to studying, procrastinating, drinking coffee, reading my classmates’ stories, and parking struggles. Oh, and listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran.


PS The Maine’s new album comes out so soon! Not soon enough, but new music will solve so many of my problems!!


Right Now #8

First full week of April, let’s see what’s up.

What am I reading?

I am obsessing over The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt right now. It is about a boy, Theo, whose mother dies in a museum explosion, and he keeps a small painting lost in the debris, and it comes with danger in his future. The language that Tartt uses is beautiful, and I truly feel like I am inside the story with the characters. I am having such a good time making predictions and underlineing things and I know I am going to use a lot of what I am absorbing in my own writing.

Reading this book is also making me more and more excited to move to New York City after college. Tartt’s descriptions of the city and the people have ignited a new fire in me, and I cannot wait to live in the city in a little shoebox of an apartment and go to museums and musicals and do everything that a New Yorker does.

Thank you, Gracie, for recommending this book to me!

What TV Show am I watching?

A mix of One Tree Hill and New Girl. Sometimes I am sucked into the drama of Tree Hill and the characters, but those episodes are an hour long, so I have mostly switched over to re-watching New Girl in the mornings when I do my make up or when I eat dinner. The episodes are so short that I feel like it is a good break from work.

But I love Jess and her boys. They crack me up, and even though I have seen these epsides before, I find myself laughing at all the jokes. Out loud. I am sure my roommates think I am a little crazy. Plus, Jess is so quirky and weird, that I kind of identify with that. Highly recommend.

As for One Tree Hill, it took me almost four seasons to actually get into it. And even then, I still would switch over to other shows or chose a movie sometimes. It is good, don’t get me wrong, and the drama is exciting, but I am mostly in it for the music. Such good songs in the background and Fall Out Boy has been on a couple of times. I just feel like maybe more should be happening in the time that each episode covers and that maybe there might be too much drama? I don’t know, in Gossip Girl all the shenanigans were outlandish, but they were all rich New York socialites, so it was almost believable. Not as much with this show. But I have now become attached to some of the characters, so I must stick with it.

What color are my nails?

I just got them done with Chelsea over Spring Break for her birthday. They are light pink (shocker!) and lovely. I went with a pastel color for Spring. I felt that it was fitting, and I love light pink. Obviously. It goes easily with a lot of things, like the tan I am trying to get.

Will I switch it up again next time? Maybe. But probably not.

What is my current obsession?

Staying up way too late to read for fun? Crafting for my little? The Hamilton soundtrack? Staying in bed all day watching Netlfix and reading? All of the above?

Actually, now that it is baseball season, I am pretty stoked about that. The Angels have lost their first two games to the Cubs, which I am not happy about, but it is early. I have hopes for this season. I cannot stop talking about baseball, really. I am very ready for this season. And even though it is an even year, I refuse to let the Giants win the World Series. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Please, don’t let it happen!

Also Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in LA (aka I can see the Hogwarts castle driving around Burbank) opens April 7th. SO TODAY! Chelsea and Stacey went to Universal the other day and saw Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) there and they didn’t get a picture. How can she be my sister??

What is my favorite recent purchase?

Yes, switching it up from girl crush. I just feel like they never really change or they change too often. So purchases:

I have two. When buying crafting supplies for my little, I came across an awesome black and white poster of the Beatles. It is currently still flattening in my room, but I cannot wait to put it up! Looking at it makes me so happy.

My other purchase is, bought on the same day, is the DVD/Bu-ray of Star Wars Epsiode 7: The Force Awakens. So stoked! It also comes with a digital copy, and since my laptop does not have a disc drive, I love downloading movies with the code so I can have them easily accessible on my computer, no wifi needed! I cannot wait to watch it with my poster as my backdrop.

Who was my last phone call?

Switching it up some more!

My last phone call was with Victoria’s Secret because guess what: they offered me a job! I was so nervous applying and interviewing. I have so much anxiety in those situations, but I am so excited to start training. A few of my friends work there, too, so it will be fun. Plus, discounts. And as much as I buy bras and underwear, this is much needed.

I have been working so hard to find a job so that I can stay in SLO over the summer, and this comes to me just when I was about to give up hope and go back to my old summer job. I am so excited to do this and get some more retail experience under my belt.

Doing a happy dance right now.

What is something this week that I am looking forward to?

I am going to Disneyland with my sorority this weekend!! Y’all know how much I adore Disney and basically everything about it, so I am so pumped to go to my favorite place with my favorite people. The t-shirts we ordered are really cute, as well, so it will be fun to take pictures all wearing them.

Plus I have Angels Mickey ears. So cute.

What am I listening to?

Hamilton all day, every day. Michael listens to it a lot, and while I had already heard snippets from Tumblr, I was not really listening until I was in the car with Michael. Immediately, I felt this great wave of nostalgia to choir and show tunes.

I am not sure I have a favorite, but I really love “Alexander Hamilton,” “Wait for It,” and “Dear Theodosia.” Obviously, there are more, but those are sticking in my mind. So good. Highly recommend.

(Also, still the Beatles. Because they are such a huge part of my life.)

Why did I get on the struggle bus today?

(More variety, yay.)

My reading for my English class. I read it, and I think I understand it, but then I take the quiz and listen to discussion, and I realize I was so very off. I am not really sure why. But because my thoughts are so different for every other person in the class, I cannot bring myself to participate in the discussions. I definitely need to work harder, i just have so many other classes and work to do that I cannot dedicate as much time as I would like to it. Sometimes, I think they should kick me out of my major.

What is a bad habit I need to kick?

Snoozing my alarm. Nuff said.

What is one thing that I am really happy about?

That all my hard work in looking/interviewing for jobs has paid off. I am so excited to start! And that I get to go to Disneyland this weekend. And that the week is over. So many things, I cannot just pick one.

Lots of things happening this quarter and this month! Very excited, very stressed, very blessed. (Was that really basic??)

WriteWorld (or other prompted) post coming your way soon, so stay tuned!



Right Now #7

I thought it was about time for another one of these. I have been waiting for the new year, and here we are!

It is also Day 2 of Winter Quarter, and I am already sort of freaking out. I am usually so positive about my classes and stuff at the beginning of the quarter, but–please enjoy my Star Wars reference–I’ve got a bad feeling about this. I’m not quite sure why, I just feel weird about it all. But I am trying to think positively!

So let’s see what’s happening to me “right now” other than stressing.

What am I reading?

I’m getting into the meat of my most recently purchased Nikki Heat book. Thank you to the fictional Richard Castle for bringing me so much joy through these novels. It’s like watching an episode, but with so much more detail and drama. Plus, it has kept my spirit alive during the show’s hiatus.


What TV Show am I watching?

I’ve got three for ya! The Bachelor aired last night with none other than Ben Higgins as the Bachelor. I am so excited for this season. I have to watch next-day on ABC’s website, so I have yet to indulge, but I cannot wait to watch the drama unfold.

I also just started Making a Murderer on Netflix, and I am obsessed. It is all I think about. The story is just so interesting, and it really gets me thinking. A little background: Steven Avery was wrongly convicted of rape and attempted murder, and sat in jail for 18 years. When he finally gets exonerated, a woman is murdered and all evidence points to him. But how they got the evidence and the way they have carried out their investigation is so sketchy, that it leaves you with the perception that Avery is innocent. I am trying to keep an open mind, because I know not to believe everything I watch or read, but I have been doing some research, and I am leaning towards Avery’s side of the story. I have lots of questions though!


Parks & Recreation is my third binge right now. It is so funny, and I find myself laughing in public when I am watching it. Definitely a must-watch. Especially because Chris Pratt is such a great human being. I also identify a lot with April…but also Leslie…and Ron, which leaves me conflicted.

I have put Fixer Upper and One Tree Hill on hold for now.

What color are my nails?

I got them done over the break with Stephanie, Marissa, and Ally! I am not quite sure what color to call this because all it had was a number: 44. But it is really nice, and I will definitely go with this again. I didn’t think dark was my thing, but really love this color.


What is my current obsession?

Well, I would have to say murder mysteries, at this point. My thoughts are revolving around that topic, and it has me planning for my big murder mystery. I am thinking about the crime, the point of view, the setting…it is all so exciting!

Oh, and Star Wars, of course! I cannot get enough of that. I spent some time talking to a friend today all about it, which is nice because my roommates sure are not as into it as I am. Plus, my texting ringtone is a lightsaber sound, no biggie.

Who is my current girl crush?

Hmmmmm…I would have to say The fictional character of Nikki Heat (but also Kate Beckett because that is who she is based on, who is fictional as well). Reading the books and watching the show has got me rethinking my career path–okay, not really. But I did consider going into that for a short period of time. She is just so badass, that I really admire her drive and ambition and heart.


Definitely a role model for me. She reminds me that I am a strong woman, and I can do anything!

What am I wearing?

Well, thanks to El Nino, it is rainy in San Luis Obispo! So I have been living in sweats at home and jeans outdoors. I know what you are thinking, Ashley is wearing jeans by choice?? Yes, folks, I am indeed. They keep me a little warmer than yoga pants so I have opted for them today instead.

Oh, and my over-sized sweatshirts. Or my big coat. They keep me so warm, so I am a happy camper.

What is something this week that I am looking forward to?

Umm…the weekend? Mostly, I just want to make it out of this week without freaking out too much.

Noah is driving up with Nicky (his brother) and Laura (his girlfriend) today so I am excited to see them. And hopefully convince Nicky to choose Cal Poly when he decides on which college to attend.

My AOII family is apparently planning something for this Friday, which will obviously be a lot of fun. I am excited to see all of them!

I guess you could say I am looking forward to getting back in the groove of things. I have been away for what felt like ages, and I need a little time to adjust to the SLO life again, get back into the groove of things. I am happy to be in my comfy bed in my own room again.

What am I listening to?

The Beatles!! Non-stop. All day, every day.

They are finally on streaming websites (Spotify), so I can finally listen to them all in one place! My dad has all the records and CDs, but some have been lost to the back room behind our garage. Now I have them constantly playing from my laptop and my phone. I am so pumped because they make me so happy.


“Come Together” is probably my favorite song, and it plays all the time, it seems. I can’t help but groove to it. (But at this present moment: “Day Tripper”)

What make up am I wearing?

I switched it up! I still have my Clinique foundation–it is my favorite thing–and Covergirl concealer, but I wanted to try out a new mascara!


It is Power Volume 24 Hour from Loreal, and I like it a lot. Will I stick with it when I run out? Maybe. But I always seem to eventually go back to Covergirl. I guess only time will tell.

What is a bad habit I need to kick?

Probably stressing out for this quarter. I got stressed before I even came back to school. It has not been good for my mental health at all, and I almost want to call it a setback in recovery. I won’t because I don’t think it is that bad, but I am having a hard time overcoming this feeling.

(( By the way, “Come Together” just started. Again. ❤ ))

What is one thing I am really happy about?

Going abroad next fall? Beatles music on Spotify? Being SLOme? Can I only pick one?

I guess I would have to go with the fact that today the rain did not make my hair look horrid. It has body and volume and curl. I kind of look really hot right now, not to toot my own horn.

Hey, it’s the little things.

Okay, back to reading the Declaration of Independence for History class, so I can watch The Bachelor, start my Linguistics homework, then go to Zumba with Mads and Tori!

-Ash 🙂


Right Now #6

Now that I am beginning my third week of summer and being back in the Burbs, it is finally time for another one of these. It has been quite a while since my last all-things-life update.

Oh, yeah, and MY BLOG TURNS ONE NEXT WEEKBut more on that later. Now, let’s see what I am up to right about now.

What am I reading?

At the moment, I am reading Emma by Jane Austen, who is one of my favorite authors. She has a way of writing love stories that makes me fall in love with love. This particular novel is what Clueless, one of my favorite movies, is based on. I am already in love with the characters, so reading the book makes me even crazier about them. I love that I get a more in-depth description about them, as well, which allows me to understand them all better.


Basically, I cannot get enough of 1800s romance novels. Sue me.

What TV Show am I watching?

This one changes constantly. I am currently watching Charmed for about the ten billionth time. It is a show about three witches who are sisters, and they are the most powerful witches the world has ever seen. Basically, I wish I was Alyssa Milano. Always. I have made it into Season 4, which is one of my favorites. It is where a fourth sister, a half-sister, is introduced because one of the original sisters dies. It is a great show, and I would highly recommend it if you love 90s to 00s TV shows with badass women leads.

Another show that has just premiered on ABC is Astronaut Wives Club, and I can tell you I am already obsessed. It takes place in the sixties during the great space race. The husbands are attractive, and the wives are full of secrets. So. Much. Drama. Already. There is nothing like a show about a scandalous couple in the public eye, but seven couples in the sixties? Sign me up!!

Plus, one of the husbands is Jack Bass from Gossip Girl so I was hooked before the show even hit the air.

What color are my nails?

Newly painted pink!! I can totally recycle a pink from both #3 and #4 “Right Now” posts, but I won’t. It is the same cute color! I just did them, too. Previously, I painted them during finals week a pretty light blue and managed to draw suns on my ring fingers. I was just so ready for summer, and the day was cloudy. But I did not have any top coat, so they chipped almost immediately. Now they are perfect!


However, they will change within the next few weeks because I want to plan a girls’ trip to the salon to get all our nails done before our big vacation.

What is my current obsession?

Weirdly enough, I have been on a huge spinach kick. Before a few months ago, I loathed the leaf, but now I cannot get enough! I keep making salads to bring to work, or I have them for dinner. Actually, I put it on everything: cheese and crackers, eggs and toast…the list goes on. I do not know why, but I crave it all the time. Is that so strange or what? Never before have I had a nonstop craving for a vegetable, but hey, there is a first for everything.

Wow, I have become my childhood worst nightmare…

Who is my current girl crush?

As I said before, probably Alyssa Milano. She is beautiful and talented and awesome and did I say beautiful? GORGEOUS WOMAN ALERT. Basically, person goals right now.

Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell in CHARMED TV Series - dvdbash.wordpress.com

And she was the inspiration for Ariel’s look in The Little Mermaid. I mean, that is so cool! One day I would love to meet her.

What am I wearing?

Work clothes. Always. That means bright orange shirts and yoga pants or workout shorts. And a sports bra. When I get home, I just take off the shirt and hang out in my bra and shorts. It is so relieving.

Photo on 6-29-15 at 6.32 PM #2

I am not complaining about my “uniform” because it beats wearing a real bra, to be honest. I mean, I adore my bras. Victoria’s Secret is my weakness, after all, but I do love lazy-wear. And I just bought two new pairs of workout/yoga pants from Target and I absolutely adore them. Seriously, they are so, so comfy, and they make my butt look good.

What is something this week that I am looking forward to?

The Fourth of July is this weekend (for those of you non-Americans, that means it is Independence Day), and I love a good pool party/barbecue combo to celebrate winning our independence from Britain. Even though I am dying to study there…Hey, it has been a while, I think we are all basically over it.

But I am so pumped to hang out with Stephanie and eat great food. I would say party, but honestly, have you read through any of my posts at all? “Party” is not the word most people would use to describe my get togethers. I would use that word, though. A party implies fun, and I love fun.

What am I listening to?

A little bit of everything, really. Country when I am with my mom, the radio in my car, rock with my dad, etc. There is not anything really in particular that I am obsessing over right now.

However, I do want to buy Hilary Duff’s newest album because, hello, Hilary Duff.

But that is music-wise. I have been listening to a lot of screaming children, exploding demons (thank you, Charmed), the sound of the treadmill going about two miles per hour…just the sounds of the world. Nothing too special. I definitely wish I was listening to music because it gives me so much peace.

What make up am I wearing?

Nothing. And I mean that. There really is no point to wear any at work because I get sweaty and gross and I have nobody to impress. It is so much less maintenance to worry about. And I can rub the crap out of my eyes. If you had said to me a few months ago that I would be going make up free this often, I probably wouldn’t believe you. I love it though, even though I kind of look like a child.

But I do still love doing my make up, so when I go out with my friends or my family, and even to my brother’s baseball games, I go with my usual Clinique foundation, Covergirl mascara, and Covergirl eyeliner. Cue “These are a Few of my Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music.

What is a bad habit I need to kick?

Probably everything. Not cleaning my room, mostly. There are still many things that need to be unpacked or moved around. I am also struggling to get rid of clothes. I want to get a bunch of new ones, but I have zero space in my dresser. The only thing is is that most of them are concert t-shirts and work shirts. I cannot get rid of my concert shirts because I love them and they hold great memories and they are comfy. The work shirts I need because, well, I work.

Why am I such a hoarder?? There are so many things I need to throw out, but I cannot muster the courage to follow through. HELP.

Oh, and procrastinating on Pretty Little Roomies.

What is one thing I am really happy about?

As mentioned above, my blog is turning one next week!! I cannot believe that I have had this blog for that long already, and that people have stuck around to keep reading it. I love this blog so much, and I love my readers so much. Writing A Heart Wide Open has been such a learning and growing experience for me, and I am still doing both of those things. I am happy that you have all been on this journey with me, and I hope you all will stay for the future of A Heart Wide Open. I will keep this blog going for as long as I possibly can.

Writing makes me happy. Duh.

Yay for life updates!! Stay tuned for more, obviously. I cannot wait to see where the rest of this summer takes me (and us), from Burbank to Florida to the Caribbean to (hopefully) San Luis Obispo. I definitely want to visit over the summer and soak up some Avila Beach sun! I spy some hiking in the near future soon, too.

As always, thanks for sticking by me.

❤ A

Love me!

Right Now #5

Aaaaaand I have waited long enough to put together another Right Now post, considering the last one was in January. I have just been so busy! And now I am even busier, especially with popping out a PLR every Wednesday. I had a dream last night that the Pretty Little Liars writers/producers/etc were suing me for the similarities between my story and theirs. Eeeep! Aight. Here’s what’s happening in my life these days.

What am I reading?

Well, I am still in the middle of pretty much every book I have mentioned in these posts, but I am 100% focused on reading The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks before the movie coming out April 10th So soon!


I am also madly in love with Scott Eastwood, who plays Luke. He is dreamy beyond belief.

What TV SHow am I watching?

Well, I am trying my best to catch up on the latest season of Pretty Little Liars, but Amtrak has blocked the website I am watching it on (I am currently Burbank bound for Easter!) I only have a few more episodes to watch on this website before I switch back to ABC Family’s. They only have the last five-ish and I needed to watch all of them.

I guess I will just have to watch Friends or any of the other movies on my Netflix queue. Not complaining!

What color are my nails?

Recently I got a gel manicure in a light pink! I loooove this color. I used to be really into bright shades, but lately I have been transitioning into more neutral tones for everything: clothes, nails, etc. I like it.

Plus, I need to have them painted a neutral color for open house, which is coming up. I must be recruitment ready, which means looking perfect with non-bright or chipped nails. Hey, any excuse for a good manicure, though, right?

What is my current obsession?

Hmmm this might be a tough one. Probably Pretty Little Roomies. I love writing for it! Everyone else seems to be enjoying it, as well. I mean, I know I am a good writer–not to toot my own horn or anything–but it makes me feel good when other people tell me they can’t wait for Wednesdays.

Also, since Lent has ended as of Holy Thursday, I can now eat chocolate! And let’s just say I have been taking advantage of that. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Who is my current girl crush?

Man, I have got to say my roomies. I love them more than ever. I have been fighting a nasty cold the last week or so, and they have given me vitamin C and tissues and just been so helpful. Vanessa gave me a little travel pack of tissues for this train ride and I am so, so grateful. Even though it is just tissues. I ran out the other night, then Alice gave me her box, and then Vanessa gave me the travel pack.


Then Vanessa drove me to the train station like the angel she is. I bought her Starbucks as payment. And I have a class with Natalie. It is an 8 am and I would probably die if I didn’t have someone to take it with.

I have the best roomies. Your argument is invalid.

What am I wearing?

My train attire consists of jean shorts, converse, a PINK sports bra, and a Supernatural t-shirt-turned-tank-top. I am pretty comfy.

But now that it is hot all the time, I have been living in tank tops and shorts. Spring? No, we are skipping straight to summer. At least we have cooler nights, where I can wear sweats and slippers aka the comfiest outfit ever.

What is something this week that I am looking forward to?

This coming Wednesday night is AOII’s big philanthropy event: Mr. Fraternity! It is a beauty pageant but for guys. One guy in each frat was chosen to compete. They have all been working really hard for this, so I am really excited to see how it turns out! I have been looking forward to this event since Philanthropy Day during rush, which was before I even got a bid for AOII. I am so happy I ended up there ❤


Wednesdays are also PLR days, so I look forward to that, too! Drama = Life.

What am I listening to?

Well, if it wasn’t obvious from previous posts, I have The Maine’s newest album American Candy on repeat. I also have Luke Bryan’s newest album playing now, too. They are two very different artists, but I adore them both.

Plus, Luke Bryan’s hip thrusts are basically life. If you ever see him in concert, enjoy them.

What make up am I wearing?

The typical mascara, top eyeliner, foundation combo. Nothing has really changed about that. However, I have been going make up free a couple of times because I get too tired of putting it on. And when I worked over Spring Break I had no one to impress, so there was really no point in wearing it then.

Alas, mascara makes my eyelashes look so good, so I do it for them.

Same brands as always, too: Covergirl mascara and eyeliner, Clinique foundation. Seriously, some of the best stuff out there. I highly recommend it.

What bad habit do I need to kick?

Well, I have been cutting back on Netflix and going to bed super late (probably because  am sick), so I am not sure I have any really bad habits that need kicking right now. As soon as I have gotten my chocolate fix for a couple of days, I will have to cut back on that, but other than that, I think I am doing very well in the bad habit department!

Be proud of me! 🙂

What is one thing I am really happy about?

I don’t really know…OH! Yes, I do.

Recently, I have come to a revelation–or more, something very important dawned on me. So I have been battling depression, right? I am doing very well, despite occasionally having Bad Thoughts. Well, I realized the other day that, if someone asked me if I have depression, I couldn’t say yes. Of course, I have days where I feel depressed, but I do not consider myself as suffering from it anymore. I am healing. And I think that is something to be very proud of. I am so happy with the progress I have made in these last few months, and I am so thankful for everyone who has helped me in this process, even though they do not know it.


I suppose that is kind of it for now.

I mean, my hands are so dry I kind of want to cry, but I will get my hands on some lotion soon! And my nose really hurts, but this sickness will pass. I think I am at the peak, and within the next couple of days, I should start to get better.

Like when I woke up this morning at like 6 am, my sinuses were clear, but when I actually woke up, close to ten, I was back to being congested. WHAT THE HECK, RIGHT?

Your congested blogger, A

Love me!